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Slow IT support limits the productivity of your workforce. An employee submits, on average, 1.1 IT tickets per month, with a typical wait time of five hours before an agent sees the ticket, and three days before it’s resolved. More than 60% of these tickets could be resolved entirely by AI.

Moveworks is the cloud-based AI platform that’s resolving issues and answering questions right now in some of the largest enterprises in the world. Instead of tracking issues, we use advanced AI to solve them, instantly—without agent intervention.
We apply machine learning and natural language understanding (NLU) at every step. To understand the request, identify the optimal resolution, and then automate the actions to complete the task.

Moveworks delivers resolution from day one and gets smarter with every interaction. Employees chat with the Moveworks bot in everyday language using Microsoft Teams. The bot resolves issues instantly through its integrations with IT systems, including Active Directory, Azure AD, Office 365, and System Center Orchestrator, and it answers questions using knowledge hosted in Microsoft SharePoint.

Key Benefits

Microsoft Teams becomes the unified IT support hub
Integrating with Moveworks enables Microsoft Teams to become a unified, natural language UI/UX for enterprise apps and services, including ServiceNow.

Faster adoption of Microsoft Teams
Getting IT support is a problem for every employee. The Moveworks and Microsoft Teams integration allows enterprises to demonstrate the benefits of messaging to employees across the entire organization. As a result, employees organically adopt Microsoft Teams when they see it delivers faster IT support.

Better employee experience
Moveworks autonomously resolves, on average, 40% of all IT support tickets with a resolution time of 60 seconds. Employees get their IT support issues solved in seconds instead of days—all with a simple, natural language chat in Microsoft Teams.

More ROI from existing automation
Enterprises running Microsoft Teams and Moveworks derive better ROI on their existing automated services. Moveworks makes this possible because its conversational AI understands the IT issue when the employee reports it in a Microsoft Teams chat. Moveworks takes immediate action, executing the appropriate automated service.


Equinix delivers IT answers and help with an AI chatbot in Microsoft Teams

“Moveworks is a rare breed of technology that immediately provides value back that we can invest in other areas of IT.”

Milind Wagle, CIO, Equinix

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