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Instant help at work: Moveworks announces next evolution with AI-powered Employee Service Platform

Moveworks now automatically resolves issues across all lines of business, including IT, HR, Finance, and Facilities

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif., March 31, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Moveworks, the AI company that delivers instant help at work, today announced the next evolution of its platform, which now supports departments across the enterprise. With this major expansion, Moveworks resolves employees' requests no matter what they need, from IT support to HR answers to policy information.

As of this release, employees can describe all support requests to the Moveworks bot, available in business collaboration tools like Microsoft Teams and Slack. The Moveworks Intelligence Engine™ uses natural language understanding (NLU) to interpret each issue—then provides the right resolution by integrating with other enterprise software. Already, companies such as Palo Alto Networks, AppDynamics, and Nutanix are automating support across multiple departments with the Moveworks Employee Service Platform™.

"Everything we do at Moveworks is inspired by a simple idea: it shouldn't take days to get help at work," said CEO Bhavin Shah. "But to make that idea a reality, we've had to build one of the most complex machine learning systems in the history of the enterprise. Today, after half a decade, Moveworks is the first AI platform that delivers instant help to all lines of business."

Founded in 2016, Moveworks has specialized in resolving IT support issues, handling more than 40 percent of IT issues without any manual intervention for many customers. Yet other lines of business, including HR and Finance, face the same fundamental challenge as the IT department: an endless barrage of requests from employees that sideline higher priorities. Moveworks has therefore expanded to these additional departments, enabled by machine learning breakthroughs in understanding language.

"It's really the small moments that create your company culture," said Elizabeth Wheeler, Senior Manager of Benefits & HR Connect at Palo Alto Networks. "With Moveworks, we've made those millions of small moments effortless—by giving our employees what they need, when they need it. The result is that my team can focus on the big projects that move our business forward."

A Single Platform for Employee Service

A "one-stop shop" for every kind of support issue, the Employee Service Platform is the most significant product release in the history of Moveworks.

The platform retains Moveworks' core IT use cases, including unlocking accounts, provisioning software, ordering devices, editing email groups, troubleshooting errors, and more. And now, it also contains Moveworks' new modules for HR, Finance, Facilities, and Employee Communications. Between surfacing relevant forms, pulling answers from disparate knowledge bases, and routing complex requests to the right subject-matter expert, the platform resolves issues concerning all lines of business.

"Our goal with Moveworks was to make the entry point for support a natural conversation," said Saran Mandair, Vice President of Global IT at DocuSign. "The results have been extremely positive. Our employees are now going to the Moveworks bot to get help in real time."

The most common type of employee service issue is an information-seeking question. Under the hood, the Intelligence Engine combines domain recognition, semantic search, and deep integrations to address such questions with answers from every department's knowledge base. Employees no longer need to comb through multiple knowledge bases themselves, since Moveworks searches the entire enterprise for answers in seconds.

"As a fast-growing company, we need to add new employees, without increasing our operating costs at the same pace," said Ravindra Sunku, Senior Director of IT at Stitch Fix. "Moveworks' AI platform has allowed us to keep our support costs stable, even as we doubled in size to more than 10,000 employees worldwide."

Moveworks goes beyond linking to enterprise resources like articles and forms. Instead, the Intelligence Engine transforms these resources to display only the important information, in a conversational format, directly inside the collaboration tool. Users can, for instance, fill out an IT form without leaving the Moveworks interface in Microsoft Teams, or receive just the pertinent paragraph of an HR policy after asking Moveworks a question in Slack.

According to Forrester, a leading research and advisory company: "Firms have many systems of record for functional domains such as HR and facilities but struggle to provide timely access to these domains' services. Too often, the default for fielding requests for services is still 'send an email to a shared inbox' ... Employees expect fast, consumer-grade access to the services and information they need to get their jobs done."1

Interactive Employee Communications

As part of the expanded platform, Moveworks also released a new Employee Communications module, which enables company leaders to send personalized, actionable, and interactive messages via the Moveworks bot.

To revolutionize employee service, resolving support issues is only half the battle. The other half requires preventing issues, before they arise, with effective communication. From policy changes to system outages to software migrations, messages sent through Moveworks achieve dramatically higher engagement than mass emails, since they replace such emails with two-way conversations. The Intelligence Engine ingests each customer's knowledge articles and documents several times per day, enabling the Moveworks bot to answer follow-up questions about these messages automatically.

"Most company comms today are sent in emails," said Amith Nair, CIO at Vituity. "Guess what: no one reads emails! That's why we're shifting most of our comms strategy to using Moveworks over chat. It's about making sure our messages go to the right people on the right platform, so they actually get read."

The Moveworks Intelligence Engine

Powering the platform is the Moveworks Intelligence Engine, which received a comprehensive update to handle the diversity of HR, Finance, and Facilities issues. Unlike other platforms, Moveworks does not compel customers to fine-tune machine learning models, script out conversations, or program fixed workflows on their own. Rather, the Intelligence Engine automates employee service end-to-end, from the initial request to the final resolution.

All five components of the Intelligence Engine are now purpose-built to address any support issue. When an employee engages with Moveworks, Language Core™ understands the issues using advanced NLU, while Dynamic Flow™ handles the unpredictable conversation by generating responses in real time. Action Bid™ then chooses the best way to resolve the issue with probabilistic machine learning, triggering Semantic Match™ to find the most relevant resource inside the Enterprise Cache™, which contains all resources across the enterprise in a format optimized for chat. Together, they allow Moveworks to deliver instant help across all lines of business.

"The Moveworks Intelligence Engine relies on machine learning techniques that didn't exist just twelve months ago," said CTO Vaibhav Nivargi. "By creating extremely precise models for understanding enterprise language, we've solved a critical business challenge—while making the user experience effortless."


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