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AI at scale: Moveworks enhances conversational AI platform to support the world's largest companies

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Moveworks unveils a new, self-learning conversational AI technique, which solves employees' requests by generating customized responses based on real-time data.

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. -- Moveworks, the AI platform that automates support at work, today released new product enhancements to help employees navigate large and complex enterprise environments. They include a self-learning conversational AI technique, Adaptive Response, which generates customized responses to employees' requests in real time. Critically, the technique allows Moveworks to offer more than one relevant solution — for instance, a form plus a knowledge article — and to adapt future responses based on usage data.

Moveworks also announced deep integrations with Simpplr, Cherwell, Freshservice, and SharePoint on-premises; it can search these knowledge bases for the snippet-sized answers to employees' questions. In addition, Moveworks now understands the security permissions of each user, ensuring that the right resources end up in the right hands. The enhanced platform is designed to keep pace as companies evolve, from automatically ingesting knowledge articles to dynamically creating responses.

"Employees expect to get help right away," said Moveworks CTO Vaibhav Nivargi. "But in the context of a dynamic enterprise, identifying the forms, knowledge articles, and workflows they need is a profoundly difficult problem for machine learning. Moveworks is the first platform engineered to solve that problem. Between our new integrations, our robust security controls, and our unscripted approach to conversation, we've automated support for the world's largest companies."

Adaptive Response
At large companies, there are often multiple resources with the potential to solve an employee's request. An employee who asks for "help with PowerPoint" might need a PowerPoint license, a troubleshooting guide, live support from an expert, or any combination of the above. Moreover, support teams are constantly adding and updating resources. When a company's travel policy changes on Friday, for example, the ideal AI chatbot gives employees the new policy on Monday morning, without any manual work for a bot designer. Ultimately, enterprises need the flexibility to serve different combinations of resources to different employees at different moments in time — a challenge too complex for conventional chatbots that script out responses in advance. 

By contrast, Moveworks' conversational AI system, Dynamic Flow™, generates responses on the fly, considering a wealth of context to deliver personalized and up-to-date resources. Adaptive Response further improves Dynamic Flow by offering a ranked spectrum of relevant solutions when useful, such as in the example above, so employees can select their own path to resolution. In these cases, more than 15 percent of requests are resolved by a resource other than the top-ranked option, resulting in even more precise support.

When it comes to maintaining an effective knowledge base, most companies are forced to balance two competing interests. On one hand, every department — from IT to HR to Finance — typically prefers to keep knowledge articles in its own, specialized tool. But when documents are scattered across many different tools, employees struggle to find the answers to their questions. In fact, per McKinsey, the average knowledge worker spends nearly 20 percent of the workday looking for internal information.

Moveworks eliminates this trade-off: the platform automatically ingests articles from every department's knowledge base — without any manual configuration — and then answers employees' questions from a single interface on Microsoft Teams or Slack. Now, Moveworks can provide just the most useful snippets of information from Simpplr, Cherwell, Freshservice, and SharePoint on-premises, thanks to expanded integrations.

Managing permissions is among the most significant challenges in supporting employees with AI. To ensure that only authorized employees see sensitive content, Moveworks can now restrict access to forms and knowledge articles based on location, department, seniority, and other factors. Importantly, the platform is able to ingest existing access control rules within ServiceNow. This allows Moveworks to surface different forms and articles to users who submit identical requests, according to their unique permissions.

Live Agent Handoff
With advanced machine learning, Moveworks is able to solve many support issues completely automatically. However, for complex issues that require human intervention, it's critical to get the right subject-matter experts involved as quickly as possible. That's why Moveworks has streamlined the handoff to a live service desk agent, via a deep integration with Vayusphere. For employees, this experience means there's just one place to go for help, regardless of their request.

"This deep integration between Moveworks and Vayusphere allows employees to get support in seconds, right from their favorite messaging tool," said Vayusphere CEO Pushpendra Mohta. "By using AI to understand employees' requests, Moveworks makes the handoff to a live service desk agent seamless. The platform selects the right expert automatically, so even complicated support issues get solved right away."

About Moveworks
Moveworks is revolutionizing how companies support their employees — with the first AI platform that makes getting help at work effortless. The modern workday is full of disruptions, from IT issues to HR updates to policy changes. Moveworks understands exactly what employees need and provides the right solution in seconds, using conversational AI built for the enterprise. Our platform allows customers like DocuSign, Hearst, Broadcom, Autodesk, Equinix, and Palo Alto Networks to move forward on what matters.

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