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Moveworks announces API to proactively prevent issues at work

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The API enables companies to send their employees critical messages and requests — with workflows that are automatically triggered by events across the business.

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. -- Moveworks, the AI platform that automates support at work, today announced its first API, which allows companies to prevent future problems by sending their employees critical messages and requests. In 2022, companies depend on thousands of applications, systems, and devices, creating a complex experience for employees. The Moveworks API simplifies that experience by surfacing important issues on a single interface — through workflows that message impacted teams before the issues impact productivity.

Whether employees need IT support, HR service, or a map of the new office, Moveworks uses conversational AI to resolve their requests end-to-end, without any manual intervention from support teams. Now, developers can easily build atop the Moveworks platform to address use cases unique to their business. The API means it requires only a few lines of code — and zero knowledge of AI — to reclaim unused software licenses, run targeted surveys, send system outage alerts, and manage change at scale.

"Moveworks' new API is a game-changer," said Stanley Toh, Head of End-User Services & Experience at Broadcom. "Disruptive issues like the 'blue screen of death' have become a non-issue for us, practically overnight. That's hours and hours of productivity and frustration prevented before they happen."

The API extends the Moveworks platform to address the needs of any unique business, beyond the millions of requests it already solves out of the box. Customers will continue to realize transformational value from Moveworks, whether or not they leverage the API, because its Intelligence Engine™ comes pre-trained to understand the full diversity of workplace questions and requests.

"With Moveworks, our employees get information and support on time and at all hours," said Wendy M. Pfeiffer, CIO and SVP at Nutanix. "The new API is extraordinary, as it enables us to accelerate our service delivery and helps our employees to further leverage the Moveworks platform."

About Moveworks
Moveworks is revolutionizing how companies support their employees — with the first AI platform that makes getting help at work effortless. The modern workday is full of disruptions, from IT issues to HR updates to policy changes. Moveworks understands exactly what employees need and provides the right solution in seconds, using conversational AI built for the enterprise. Our platform allows customers like DocuSign, Hearst, Broadcom, Autodesk, Equinix, and Palo Alto Networks to move forward on what matters.

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