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Nexthink and Moveworks Join Forces to Enable Proactive Tech Support in the Digital Workplace

BOSTON / LAUSANNE and MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. —  Nexthink and Moveworks today announced a strategic partnership that addresses one of the most pressing challenges for employee productivity in a remote and hybrid working world: solving employees’ technical issues in the digital workplace. By combining Nexthink’s Digital Employee Experience Software with Moveworks’ conversational AI platform, companies can provide proactive and personalized IT support to their employees in a matter of minutes — not days.

By leveraging the combined power of Nexthink and Moveworks, customers can benefit from scalable IT that focuses on strategic, high-impact projects, stronger employee engagement on IT messages. Self-service backed by DEX creates the quickest path towards issue resolution by putting the choice in employees’ hands. In fact, joint customer Broadcom was able to resolve 57% of IT issues autonomously with the Moveworks chat, while also seeing a 20%-40% reduction in IT incidents using Nexthink’s real-time insight into IT environments.

“At Broadcom, we’re focused on making sure our global workforce can stay as productive and engaged as possible, no matter where they work,” said Stanley Toh, Head of Enterprise End User Services and Experience at Broadcom. “The visibility and automated remediation that Nexthink provides, combined with Moveworks’ best-in-class AI, gives our employees greater control over their experience, and the self-healing capabilities allow our IT team to stay ahead of issues. Together, Moveworks and Nexthink are a powerful combination to ensure a digital employee experience without delays and disruptions getting in the way. We’re excited that they are partnering, and look forward to doing even more with both solutions.”

The complexity of today’s digital workplace causes constant disruptions for employees, who – across a workforce – can rely on hundreds of applications, storage, and hardware to get their work done. This opens up countless opportunities for technology breakdown, causing massive support bottlenecks for IT teams, and slow response times as a result. By combining the automation and insights of Nexthink with conversational AI support from Moveworks, joint customers are now eliminating these disruptions for their employees. The partnership transforms support in two ways: By instantly supplying the right solution when employees submit an issue, and by proactively preventing issues before they even ask for help.

“Today’s employees have made their ‘offices’ in the confines of their devices, which means an IT disruption of any size can have a major impact on workflow,” said Yassine Zaied, Chief Strategy Officer at Nexthink. “Nexthink and Moveworks are both hyper-focused on creating better employee experiences, and together, we can quickly and proactively avoid or mitigate the IT issues plaguing today’s employees by empowering them with the right solution for their needs.”

With Moveworks and Nexthink, businesses can proactively identify issues and send out targeted messages that result in action. This process ultimately prevents issues from ever needing to be routed to the service desk, which frees up IT teams to focus on other projects. For example, Nexthink can identify when an employees’ disk space is low and recommend a solution, Moveworks’ chat function can prompt the user to take this action to resolve the issue. And, when employees inevitably run into support issues throughout their day, they can leverage Moveworks’ conversational AI, which works with Nexthink to identify the right action to then resolve. For example, an employee messages Moveworks saying they are experiencing crashes in Excel. Moveworks’ natural language understanding (NLU) can interpret symptoms and Nexthink will be leveraged to recommend an automated Office 365 repair.

“The shift to digital work is an incredible opportunity for companies to get the employee experience right,” said Bhavin Shah CEO at Moveworks. “The key to creating a great digital workplace is fixing issues before they become bigger problems, and quickly resolving them when they do arise. We’re excited to partner with Nexthink in making this vision a reality for businesses today.”

To learn more about this partnership, check out this blog.

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