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Moveworks Scales IT Support for Lucid Software While Keeping Costs Flat

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif.--Moveworks today announced that Lucid Software, a leading provider of visual collaboration software, will roll out the Moveworks AI platform to enable best-in-class self-service IT support. Moveworks will provide Lucid employees the answers to their most pressing IT questions in a matter of seconds — allowing IT agents to focus on projects that will drive the business forward.

It costs an average of $22 to manually handle an IT service desk request. While seemingly innocuous, this number quickly adds up when service desk agents are sifting through thousands of requests a month. And, while self-service IT tickets cost the business a fraction of this number, many employees either don’t know where knowledge exists within their business, or they don’t know where or how to find it. This leaves employees frustrated by a confusing self-service process and leaves IT teams stuck manually resolving the same requests over and over again.

That’s why Lucid chose Moveworks: To maximize ROI on its existing knowledge base by offering employees a streamlined, automated self-service IT solution that actually delivers on its promise.

“As our team has grown, we’ve put a significant amount of time and effort into developing knowledge articles that address employees’ most common IT questions. But those efforts ultimately go to waste if no one ever uses them,” said David Torgerson, VP of infrastructure and IT at Lucid Software. “In order to see a return on those efforts, we're excited to use Moveworks' AI platform. With its sophisticated intelligence, the platform interprets employees' needs with high confidence and delivers the most accurate responses, helping our Lucid IT teams to focus on more complex problems and work more efficiently.”

Moveworks uses advanced AI to index existing knowledge articles and deliver the best possible response to employees’ questions. It corrects spelling, analyzes user intent, and takes into account each employees’ location, role, permissions, and language preference. Employees simply ask the Moveworks bot a question within Slack, and Moveworks either resolves the request automatically or routes it to the appropriate expert for accelerated resolution — all within seconds. With the help of Moveworks, Lucid will be able to scale IT support at the pace required to keep up with its growing team, without having to significantly increase service desk headcount as a result.

“Most self-service solutions lead employees to frustrating dead ends,” said Bhavin Shah, CEO of Moveworks. “That’s because yielding accurate results would require the employee to use the exact keywords used in the exact knowledge article they’re looking for. This just isn’t a realistic expectation. In reality, every employee asks for help in different ways — they often have typos, are missing context, or are incredibly vague. In order for a self-service solution to deliver accurate results, it needs to be able to navigate this endless nuance in real-time. And that’s exactly what Moveworks does.”

Aside from maximizing ROI on Lucid’s knowledge base, Moveworks will streamline internal processes with automated workflows. It will reset passwords, provision software, pass along policy updates, update permissions, request or troubleshoot hardware, and look up people or places — all within Slack so employees don’t need to leave their preferred communication platform.

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