Returning to the office?

It takes real-time support to make your office feel like home.

The moment that will define your employee experience

When employees return to the office, they flood support teams with thousands of requests for help, from replacing an old monitor to finding a new conference room.

It’s like onboarding all over again — except for the entire workforce, at the same time.

How you return to the office will set your workplace’s tone for years to come. The future of your company rides on the support team’s ability to handle all these requests quickly.
Employees can’t wait days for help. When they need support, they need it now.

Return to the office with AI

So what does it take to make a seamless transition? The challenge looks different for every department. IT has to stay on top of hardware requests, HR needs to ensure that employees are up to speed on every new policy, and Facilities must help employees navigate their building.

That’s why leading companies are using automation and AI to resolve support issues instantly — at scale. We broke down the top use cases for automation:

Keep employees informed

Moveworks sends targeted employee communications en mass

Keep employees informed

Target your comms

Anticipate and answer questions

Moveworks lets employees look up conference room location via chat

Anticipate and answer questions

Deliver instant answers

Collect employee feedback

Moveworks sends and collects feedback from smart forms

Collect employee feedback

Serve smart forms

A whole new workplace

A smooth transition is just half the story. The ultimate goal is to ensure all employees feel connected to each other and your company, whether they’re in the office, hybrid, remote, or distributed around the world.

That takes a durable, digital workplace, where they can access the people and resources they need instantly. Our CEO Bhavin Shah shares his unique insights on building a truly connected digital HQ.

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