5 AI-Powered ITSM Myths Debunked

EMA research places AI and automation initiatives at the top of C-level technology priorities. But resistance to change, lack of experience, and the complexity of training models all hold back progress.  This webinar will address 5 common misconceptions about AI-powered ITSM automation and present a practical way to revolutionize IT support without changing platforms, processes, or user habits. 

In this on-demand webinar, EMA Research Director, Valerie O’Connell, and Moveworks Co-founder and VP Product, Varun Singh, will explore:

  • EMA research findings on the state of automation in ITSM 
  • 5 common misconceptions about AI and the reality of deploying AI at scale 
  • Limitations of existing approaches and how to build a modern conversational AI system 
  • A practical view of AI gain without the ML pain

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