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Supporting a remote workforce? AI can help.

Working from home means employees need more IT help, and they need it delivered remotely. IT service desks are stretched to the limit. Enter autonomous, AI-powered IT service delivery from Moveworks. Moveworks is the AI platform that resolves 40% of common IT issues autonomously, freeing agents to address high-priority work. With an IT bot in enterprise chat that understands employee requests, IT issues get resolved instantly, remotely, and often without agent intervention—all directly from a chat conversation.

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“Five years ago, we couldn’t have scaled our IT capabilities 3-5X in 48 hours, the way we all have during this switch to work-from-home with tools like Moveworks.”

Steve Phillpott, CIO, Western Digital Corporation

“Without technologies like Slack, Zoom, and Moveworks, we would never have been able to support essentially 4,000 people working from home.”

Brian Hoyt, CIO, Unity Technologies

Employees chat with Moveworks for instant, autonomous IT help


Simplify internal communications

Effective communication with employees ensures employee safety, builds trust, and helps people stay productive. With the Moveworks platform, you can:

  • Keep employees up-to-date by broadcasting on a channel they actually read—chat
  • Inform specific groups, based on department, time zone, or other factors
  • Answer common questions instantly
  • Share WFH best practices

Provide the applications employees need for WFH

Work-from-home schedules rarely follow normal business hours, so IT services, applications, and communication tools—as well as support for them—need to be available 24/7. Moveworks handles software provisioning requests anytime, without burdening your IT team:

  • Software requests and approvals happen directly in a chat conversation
  • Applications are provisioned autonomously
  • For self-service tools, the bot provides installation instructions
  • Questions like how to troubleshoot VPN access get instant answers in chat; nothing gets lost in the inbox.

Fulfill hardware requests for the home office

Setting up a home office is one of the first tasks for an employee adapting to remote work. Employees need the right hardware, right now, but overworked IT teams don’t have the bandwidth to guide them through equipment requests.

With Moveworks, they don't have to. The Moveworks service can:

  • Understand the request and serve up the right IT form based on your ITSM platform; no search needed
  • Help the employee to fill out many forms directly in chat
  • Provide updates on order status, based on the request filed in your ITSM platform

Manage and unlock user accounts

Getting locked out is always stressful, and even more so when you're working remotely with no access to a walk-up service desk. For the IT team, handling password changes and unlocking accounts is a distraction from high-value work.

Moveworks handles these types of requests automatically and helps prevent lockouts. Moveworks can:

  • Help an employee reset their password or multifactor token
  • Notify an employee whose password will expire soon
  • Alert an employee when they become locked out, and help them unlock their account

Keep teams connected and productive

When working remotely, being able to find and communicate with your colleagues is crucial. Enterprise chat helps, and Moveworks makes it better. With Moveworks employees can:

  • Instantly find coworkers’ roles and contact details, right in chat
  • Keep everyone in the conversation, even if they're not on chat, by adding colleagues or themselves to an email distribution list, or creating a new email distribution list

Increase in policy or WFH questions during the COVID-19 outbreak


Increase in software requests at organizations that have switched to working remotely


Increase in hardware requests in the past several weeks during the switch to WFH

Support your remote workforce

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