Fix facilities
issues with AI.

As employees return to the office, Moveworks
makes your facilities feel like home.

Moveworks for Facilities

You’re focused on the big picture: Figuring out return-to-work, updating the office, and ensuring business continuity.

That’s why Moveworks handles the small details for you. Our AI chatbot answers employees’ questions, gives directions to conference rooms, and intelligently sends updates whenever things change.

Focus on the big picture.


Focus on the big picture.

Your goal is to prepare your entire company for any future of work. But that means getting flooded with questions from coworkers, whenever you enact a policy.

Moveworks uses conversational AI to address questions automatically. Our bot surfaces the exact answer based on the user’s role, location, and security permissions.

Manage return to work.


Manage return to work.

When your colleagues return to work, they’ll need help finding their way.

Moveworks provides guidance on policy, directions to conference rooms, and contact info for everyone in the company.

Make changes overnight.


Make changes overnight.

When things change, Moveworks lets you send targeted messages directly on the chat platform.

And when employees have follow-up questions, our bot handles the back-and-forth on your behalf.

Answer facilities questions automatically

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