Scale self-service with AI-generated support articles

Improve self-service

Make employee self-service a reality by accelerating the creation of useful, factual, high impact articles

Identify article gaps

Eliminate time wasted on research with AI article recommendations based on real employee demand

Generate content

Create grounded articles in an instant with AI that mines your support tickets for useful insights

Close the knowledge gap with AI

Content recommendations

Get specific, objective recommendations on exactly what content to generate next to maximize service efficiency.

Gap analysis

Be aware of knowledge gaps and when existing content can be fortified with new information.

Enterprise grounding

Ensure generated content is accurate and based on the unique intricacies of your systems and processes.

Content flexibility

Use free-form prompts to generate content on targeted topics of interest.

Content modification

Modify generated content to perfection using follow-up prompts before putting the content to work in your knowledge base.

Content library

Store all generated content in one centralized and secure library for future reference or refinement.

Grounded articles

Codify tribal knowledge

Our generative AI mines agent work notes and support tickets to find solutions that are unique to your workplace — turning insights into articles.




Trustworthy content

Generated articles include full citations to the source material so you can trust the content or simply ask our AI to enhance, refine, or reformat the article.


Turbocharge productivity across every department

Uplevel IT effectiveness

Transform IT from ticket handlers to strategic superstars focused on work that transforms the enterprise at the highest level.
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Get HR out of the inbox

Enable HR to communicate updates more effectively so they can spend maximum time with those that matter most — your people.
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Communicate new policies

Give your finance team a headstart in developing content securely so they can get back to crunching the numbers.
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Streamline communications

Let sellers provide synthesized information from disparate sources to deliver the best experience to prospects and customers.
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Generate marketing copy

Turn brainstorming sessions into fully fleshed marketing campaigns designed to convert and retain new business.
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Parse technical documentation

Empower engineers to spend maximum time building rather than pouring over onerous technical papers and manuals.
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Broadcom surfaces over 4,000 knowledge articles to its employees

By integrating scattered knowledge bases with AI, Broadcom’s employees can help themselves. See how the company resolves 57% of all issues in under a minute.

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Maximize efficiency with generative AI

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