Cut your help desk support costs in half

Moveworks solves thousands of support issues with AI, from provisioning PowerPoint to troubleshooting Zoom.

Moveworks powers the best places to work

Your budget is begging for AI

Make L1 support issues disappear.

Moveworks automates away the most common support issues, including resetting passwords, unlocking accounts, editing email groups, filing forms, troubleshooting devices, and much, much more. It’s the only way to eliminate the cost of these L1 issues, once and for all.

Maintain the highest standard for quality.

Reducing your help desk support costs often creates a frustrating employee experience, whether you implement an automated phone system or outsource to an MSP. But Moveworks delivers white-glove support, since employees describe issues to our conversational AI bot just as they would to an agent.

Boost the ROI of your current investments.

Help desks often invest in self-service resources, such as troubleshooting guides and hardware request forms, only to watch employees submit the same volume of tickets as before. Moveworks digs through every single resource at your company to find the best solution to each issue — so you can finally see some ROI.

Reduction in annual IT spend thanks to Moveworks at Seagen



Of support issues resolved end-to-end by Moveworks at Broadcom


Help desk agents’ work handled by Moveworks at Luminis Health

Resolve the most common requests

In theory, employees could solve a huge percentage of their support issues without involving the help desk — if only they knew where to look. Moveworks makes that theory a reality. Our platform serves up the most helpful solution to common requests from across your ITSM, IAM system, knowledge bases, and other tools.

  • Automatically make changes in your existing systems of record
  • Find the right answer to questions from across all knowledge bases
  • Proactively reach out to employees when they’re locked out


Eliminate tasks from the ticket lifecycle

When employees submit complex issues that require an expert to fix, Moveworks still speeds up the entire ticket lifecycle. Our AI chatbot handles the back-and-forth communication with employees to add comments, nudge agents, and check status, so your help desk doesn’t have to.

  • Route complex issues to the correct assignment group
  • Enable employees to add comments and check the status of tickets
  • Follow up with employees and agents to close out tickets faster

Take control of your software spend

Large companies waste millions of dollars per year on unused software licenses — while employees who really do need a software license often wait days to get access. Moveworks lets you take back control. Our platform provisions software in seconds, obtains approval when necessary, and reclaims licenses that employees don’t need.

  • Provision pre-approved software licenses instantly
  • Automatically reach out to get manager approval, when required
  • Reclaim licenses that go unused for a specified time period
Microsoft Teams
Facebook Workplace
Zoom Chat
Microsoft SharePoint

"We’ve had our eye on AI and ML for some time, and Moveworks is the first service that actually improves IT service delivery— delivers the right resolution faster— while reducing costs."

Milind Wagle

CIO, Equinix

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