Resolve it issues –

Fixing the average IT issue takes three days.

Moveworks reduces that time to three seconds.

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Provision software in seconds — employees just ask the bot.

Trained on 75 million IT tickets, Moveworks cuts through the noise to recognize requests for software.

The bot then provisions that software autonomously, without burdening the IT team.

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Create a new distribution list with no involvement from IT.

Moveworks uses advanced natural language understanding to chat with employees — on their terms.

Once tedious tasks, like creating and editing email distribution lists, are now painless conversations.

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Deliver answers employees need — minus the filler they don’t.

Moveworks tackles the toughest troubleshooting questions, no matter how employees ask for help.

By analyzing every sentence of every knowledge article, our “semantic search” finds the exact snippet with the answer.

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Unlock accounts proactively, while the IT team is asleep.

CEO locked out of her corporate account? Moveworks will let her back in, in real time.

She doesn't even have to ask: the bot proactively alerts her when she's been locked out or her account is set to expire.

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If they still need a human, Moveworks knows who to call.

Some IT problems inevitably require people to fix, like repairing a broken laptop.

In these cases, Moveworks automatically routes the issue to the right experts — ensuring employees get support fast.

The waiting game is over.

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With machine learning, Moveworks is able to improve over time, which allows it to learn how our business works, understand our local lingo, and engage with us in natural conversation.

Stephen Franchetti VP of Business Technology, Slack


IT issues resolved autonomously


Software access requests fulfilled by Moveworks


We’ve had our eye on AI and ML for some time, and Moveworks is the first service that actually improves the IT support experience while reducing costs.

Milind Wagle CIO, Equinix


IT issues resolved autonomously


Full-time equivalent handled by Moveworks


Moveworks resolves more than 30% of our IT issues, reducing the workload on our service desk and giving us more time and resources to focus on other critical business areas.

Wendy M. Pfeiffer CIO, Nutanix


IT issues resolved autonomously


Average time for Moveworks to resolve an IT issue


The bot brings big improvements in quality of life — both for employees and for the helpdesk team.

Russ Harris VP Operations, AppDynamics


IT issues resolved autonomously


Weeks to full deployment


Nothing came close to a truly autonomous solution until Moveworks. We didn’t have to teach it anything — it was ready to go out of the box.

Andy Nallappan CIO, Broadcom


IT issues resolved autonomously


Weekly active Moveworks users


As a CIO, I have to focus on making IT operations more efficient, while also creating an amazing employee experience. Moveworks enables us to do both simultaneously.

Prakash Kota CIO, Autodesk


Employees successfully working remotely


Issues resolved or accelerated by Moveworks


Moveworks is addressing a third of our service tickets, with an average resolution time of less than five minutes. That’s the magic of Moveworks AI.

Ashwin Ballal CIO, Medallia


IT issues resolved autonomously


Employees more satisfied with IT


When you have a solution that can diagnose and resolve employees’ issues in just a few seconds, that really changes the game of IT support.

Mark Tonnesen CIO, Freedom Financial


Password resets completely automated


IT Support. Automated.

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