LLM search and summarization for your workplace content and data

Search that scales

Put all of your enterprise content at your workforce's fingertips with LLM-powered search.

Verifiable insights

Citations and links enable employees to trust and verify AI-generated summaries.


Sync permissions with source systems to ensure employees see only what they have access to.

Unstructured data search

Find info in any file, KBA, intranet, or public webpage

Whether it’s info on IT troubleshooting, benefits policies, 401K match, brand guidelines, security postures, and more — Moveworks combs through all unstructured data formats.


Structured data search

Query your systems of record and data lakes

Search for PTO balance, the status of purchase orders, and account data across Workday, Salesforce, SAP, and more.


AI-powered search for the enterprise

100+ integrations

Find answers from the articles and documents across your apps, intranets, knolwedge bases, and file stores.

Web search

Boost your knowledge supply by curating content from websites approved by your organization.


Questions, answers, and data are seamlessly translated between 100+ languages in real time.

AI summarization

Every answer is elegantly summarized by AI that's grounded in the unique language of your organization.


AI-generated summaries are instantly verifiable through citations and links to source content.


Source system permissions are synced and enforced so your workforce can only access the information they need.

Accelerating every department

Search for IT guidance

Find everything from the laptop refresh policy and forms for hardware requests, to lists of approved software.
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Find HR information

Search you company's insurance policies, holidays, PTO information, and org chart to answer every HR question.
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Look up Finance details

Lookup the latest travel expense policy, 401K match percentage, or your PO record status — all directly in chat.
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Broadcom automates 57%+ support issues

Broadcom wanted employees to get a relevant search result quickly. With Moveworks, employees can access all knowledge from a single interface.

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The generative copilot for work

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Connect to every business application

Integrations for actions feature

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Automate tasks in any business application just by using everyday language.
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Create content — such as messages or knowledge articles — grounded in information from across your business applications.
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File and route tickets to the right agent or assignment group automatically – to maximum accuracy.
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