Transform your Marketing team with AI

Optimize campaigns with data-driven AI insights

Get real time insights into your campaign metrics so your team can pivot based on what's working at the moment.

Automate tedious marketing tasks

Stop searching every app for marketing materials. Moveworks finds everything you need to execute campaigns smoothly.

Create high-converting copy in seconds

Moveworks lets your Marketing team generate copy for every campaign and channel without writing everything from scratch.

Performance alerts

Get real-time alerts on website performance shifts

Monitor website traffic, engagement rates, and other KPIs in real time. Moveworks notifies your team of any anomalies so they can react quickly.


Campaign insights

Enable data-driven marketing campaign decisions

Give your team easy access to key performance metrics for marketing campaigns — like click-through rates, conversion rates, and ROI — so they can monitor performance in real time.


Omnichannel content creation

Instantly generate copy for omnichannel marketing campaigns

Describe your goals, target audience, and the platforms you’re creating content for — AI takes care of the rest. Moveworks generates optimized messaging for every channel.


Bring AI transformation to your Marketing teams

Data lookups

Search for information in structured databases or systems of record
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Find information buried in knowledge, files, and public websites
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Understand which AI use cases will drive the biggest impact for Marketing teams
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Connect to all your everyday marketing applications

Integrations for actions feature

89% of DocuSign uses a copilot to get help

To keep up with rapid growth, DocuSign needed an enterprise copilot that could empower employees to easily self-serve.

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Grounding AI: How to improve AI decision-making with contextual awareness

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By connecting Moveworks to your enterprise systems, you can build use cases for every department.

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Moveworks delivers instant IT and finance support to Hearst with AI.

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Learn about the 4-tier framework to create an AI copilot strategy for your company.

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