Make a real connection with your prospects

By automating repetitive tasks, Moveworks gives your sales team more time to build strong relationships with prospects.

Easily understand the details of every deal

Don't make sales reps dig for key customer details. Instead, let them quickly search all customer data from one place.

Keep every deal moving forward

With automatic notifications and easily searchable deal info, sales reps always know the next step they need to take.

Content generation

Respond to prospects’ emails quicker than ever

It’s important to respond quickly when prospects have questions. Moveworks helps your reps find all the information they need and generate follow-up messages.


Automatic notifications

Notify Sales teams when deals reach key milestones

Sales reps need to know when a deal progresses — such as when a contract is signed or a payment is received. Automatic alerts help ensure your reps follow up at the right time.


CRM updates

Ensure your CRM is always up to date

Accurate customer records are essential but tedious to maintain. Give your sales reps an easy way to update info in the CRM whenever changes occur — directly within chat.


Bring AI transformation to your Sales teams

Data lookups

Search for information in structured databases or systems of record
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Find information buried in knowledge, files, and public websites
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Understand which AI use cases will drive the biggest impact for Sales teams
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Connect to your everyday sales applications

Integrations for actions feature

Palo Alto Networks saved its hybrid workforce 351,000 hours with AI

Palo Alto Networks used conversational AI to support its hybrid workforce at scale — without dramatically increasing its headcount.

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