Moveworks powers the best places to work

Unlock the full potential of your ITSM to speed up innovation and get maximum ROI.

Create smarter enterprise portals

Intercept, categorize, and triage support requests, without involving the IT team. Bring all the benefits of Moveworks’ AI directly to ServiceNow or other ITSMs.

Automatically support your employees

Automate ticket resolution end-to-end with seamless ITSM integration. That means your agents can work out of your ITSM — employees’ issues come right to them.

Transform your ITSM with AI

Minimize ITSM cleanup and maintenance. Our AI lets ITSM architects and developers build new workflows, without needing a team of machine learning experts.

Of password resets are completely automated at Achieve


Accuracy in routing IT issues to the right experts at Equinix



Average time for Moveworks to fully resolve a support issue at Nutanix

Fix your workflows

Never troubleshoot a broken workflow again. Moveworks’ AI platform resolves tickets or routes them to exactly the right person on your service desk, intelligently and automatically. 

  • Resolve tickets instantly or facilitate hand off of complex issues
  • Speed up requests and approvals with automation

Enhance your knowledge base

  You need to understand where your knowledge gaps are in order to prioritize what articles to write next. Once a new article has been written, Moveworks automatically ingests it — making sure your employees only see up-to-date information. When your employee has a question, our AI-powered chatbot surfaces the most relevant answer, right in your enterprise chat or web portal.

  •  Find gaps in your knowledge base
  • Identify the most impactful knowledge articles to create
  • Get personalized answers from relevant knowledge articles

Perfect data management

Your help desk is already overrun with requests, filing tickets shouldn’t slow them down. Our AI platform ensures tickets are properly categorized and work notes are automatically added. That means, your data stays clean and your agents stay focused on solving issues.

  • Help agents prioritize their ticket queues automatically
  • Categorize tickets using advanced NLU
  • Easily add work notes to tickets

Equinix accurately routes 96% of IT tickets to the right experts with Moveworks

Equinix tackles employee IT support issues directly in Microsoft Teams, and Moveworks natural language understanding helps resolve the issue no matter how they ask. E-Bot transforms tedious tasks into painless conversations that last only a few seconds.

Learn from the best

“We implemented our new ITSM platform to help us simplify service management. This gave us a place to queue tickets, but it didn’t help us actually resolve issues, so we started to look at AI and machine learning to help us reduce the workload on the service desk. With Moveworks, our employees get automatic support on time and at all hours.”

Wendy M. Pfeiffer

CIO, Nutanix

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