Machine Learning

AI built for the enterprise

Powered by LLMs optimized to work with enterprise systems and data — to automate work

Enterprise-ready AI that adapts to your needs

Secure and compliant

We make sure all your data is handled with maximum encryption and compliance. Moveworks does not use your data to train MoveLM.

Always improving

With machine learning expertise and operations, Moveworks is constantly evaluating new models and retraining existing ones.

Adaptable architecture

Moveworks’ architecture was built to seamlessly swap out models with the latest and greatest.

Deploy a never-before-seen copilot experience for the enterprise


Take advantage of the world’s most advanced LLM for employee support — optimized for performance and speed.

Foundation models

Leverage best-of-breed foundation models, like OpenAI’s GPT-4, for advanced conversational abilities.

Fine-tuned models

Incorporate custom models like Google’s Flan-T5, fine-tuned on proprietary data to understand the language of the workplace.

Workplace data

Benefit from our proprietary dataset of 500M+ synthetic workplace conversations.

Entity grounding

Our models understand and use your business entities, like conference rooms, unique DLs, and wifi names to craft tailored, contextual responses.

Toxicity and factuality

We ensure that your copilot doesn’t engage in toxic behavior. Feel confident that all responses are backed by your company’s data.

Model annotation

Our expert annotators continuously test the performance of every model.

Model evaluation

Machine learning engineers are creating evaluation studies and tweaking model parameters for maximum performance.

Model infrastructure

All fine-tuned models are hosted on our proprietary infrastructure for speed, scalability and seamless upgrades.

Dialog Analysis

Understand exactly what users are saying

Leverage natural language processing to understand user intent, extract key entities, and maintain conversation context.


Policy Layer

Determine how to respond

Extensible policies determine the optimal response based on dialogue analysis, toxicity, business rules, and more.



Decide which answer — in a sea of information — is the best

Advanced reasoning incorporates multiple models to logically determine the best solution to a user's request.



Search or take action across your applications

Execute the plan made by the reasoning policy by finding or updating information in your business applications.


The generative copilot for work

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