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Reveal the real story behind your support tickets.

Unlike every other reporting tool you’ve seen, Employee Experience Insights works by investigating the unstructured language in your support tickets, then visualizes the most important problems slowing down your workforce. Finally, you’ll see the experiences behind the services you deliver.

Measure the success of your big investments.

EXI lets you dig deeper than ever before into how your investments in applications, systems, and support teams are performing, relative to benchmarks from your peers. That means you can change a confusing process, migrate to a different tool, or launch a new initiative — with total confidence.

Drive change across every department.

Now, you can identify the key challenges facing each individual department, from marketing to engineering to sales. EXI puts you in control of your employee experience: you can share insights and prove impact with a single click.

Give yourself the world’s most advanced NLU

Employee Experience Insights is powered by Language Core™, a massive network of NLP and NLU models that Moveworks built specifically to understand support tickets. There’s no need to manually tag or categorize issues anymore, since Language Core breaks down the unstructured text in each ticket to provide simple, actionable insights. Automatically.


There are endless features for your team to explore in Employee Experience Insights. Here are three of our favorites:

Issues Deep Dive

EX Performance Metrics

Persona and Time Filter

Drill down into most impactful support issues

Our Employee Issues Map condenses thousands of unique issues into a powerful bird’s-eye view, where you can instantly spot opportunities to accelerate a process or prevent a problem in advance. And once you’ve locked in on a particular category, EXI enables you to find the root cause — with a granular breakdown of every type of issue in that category.

Compare your experience to industry benchmarks

EXI allows you to track the critical indicators of your employee experience — such as average issues per employee, time to resolution, and first-contact resolution rate — against real-world benchmarks. By spending just a few minutes of your week in EXI, you’ll develop a data-driven, expert perspective on how to create a workplace that’s truly world-class.

Filter by department, cohort, and timeframe

The ability to filter EXI by departments, groups, and timeframes is a game-changer. You can now determine which issues are slowing down your sales team, your new hires, or your remote employees, at any moment in time. These personas are created by ingesting identity tables from across your systems of record, enabling you to define custom cohorts.

My job is to empower our digital workforce with the tools and technologies they need to perform at their best. With Moveworks' sophisticated NLU and Employee Experience Insights, we have meaningful and actionable data to turn thousands of requests into an efficient plan of action — and a best-in-class employee experience.

Naveen Zutshi

CIO, Databricks

BMC Helix Digital Workplace


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