Use a single interface to interact with hundreds of business systems

Language of work

LLM-powered reasoning deciphers the true meaning behind employee requests — no matter how complex — across 100+ languages.

Instant action

Search content, query data, and automate workflows through natural language with our unique action engine and plugin architecture.

Rapid value

Simply connect Moveworks to your business systems and watch the impact unfold — no dialog flows, no scripting, no model training.

Empower every employee to work smarter


Copilot responses are generated by AI and grounded in your data for a magical and factual conversation.


Generated responses include links to the source data for instant verifiability.


AI-generated clarification questions guide employees to provide more context and improve the copilot's response.

100+ lanugages

On-the-fly translation of content, data, and workflows for a truly multilingual experience.


Deploy the copilot on chat platforms — like Slack and Microsoft Teams — and intranet portals — like Sharepoint.


System permissions are auto-synced so employees only see data, content, and workflows they are authorized to access.


Ask the Copilot to rewrite and reformat responses or write new copy from scratch.

Generative multi-turn

Moveworks solves the most complex, unpredictable requests through AI-generated questions and responses.


Each employee will have a unique experience based on their location, system access, and conversation history.

Search + actions

Find answers and complete tasks within business systems

The Moveworks Copilot can uniquely combine multiple plugins to solve a single request. So, when the best solution requires data, articles, and updates across many systems — it's got you covered.


AI writing

Create factual content with your own data

Ask the copilot to reformat search results, turn system data into emails, or summarize conversations in your own style and tone.


The conversational interface every department will adopt

Reduce L1 support

Transform employee self-service, eliminate routine helpdesk tasks, and more.
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Alleviate mundane HR tasks

Level up recruiting, talent management, onboarding, benefits, payroll, and more.
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Keep your finances in check

Modernize vendor management, reporting, tax, accounts receivable, T&E, procurement, and more.
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Make selling simple

Turbocharge lead qualification, opportunity management, pricing negotiation, territory management, and more.
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Create clever marketing

Accelerate copywriting, campaign reporting, lead management, product messaging, content management, and more.
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Innovate faster

Transform product prioritization, project resourcing, development lifecycle management, and more.
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The generative copilot for work

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Seamless integrations across all your business applications

Integrations for actions feature

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Employee notifications

Send automatic notifications based on events triggered from any system.
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From foundation models to MoveLM, these are the LLMs powering Moveworks.

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Learn how Moveworks helps employees automate tasks, find information, query data, get notifications, and create content across all your business applications.

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