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How Albemarle’s help desk takes advantage of AI to double productivity



Faster resolution of the average support issue

Moveworks’ natural language understanding provides profound insight into what’s holding our people back. When we know exactly which teams and regions are feeling the most pain, we can focus our efforts and get those employees back on their feet. Alok Singh, Director of IT Automation and Collaboration, Albemarle

Albemarle powers the future

Albemarle is a global chemical company headquartered in North Carolina, with 6,000 employees worldwide. As the world’s largest lithium manufacturer, the company is essential to the production of everything from rechargeable batteries for electric vehicles to grid-scale energy storage. 

Patrick Thompson, Chief Information & Digital Transformation Officer, and Alok Singh, Director of IT Automation and Collaboration, both know more than most that lithium has become the key ingredient in powering today’s world. With multiple plants opening soon, demand for their products skyrocketing, and employees moving across Asia, South America, North America, and Europe — their support teams needed a way to keep up.

Albemarle goes all in on ALbot

In April 2021, Albemarle launched ALbot, a Moveworks chatbot that lives on Microsoft Teams. Now when employees need help, all they have to do is ask. Powered by the Moveworks Intelligence Engine™, ALbot understands requests, determines the right response, and takes action across Albemarle’s digital infrastructure — anytime, anywhere.

Today, ALbot engages conversationally in over one hundred languages, automatically resolves thousands of employees’ requests, provisions software, fills out forms, unlocks accounts, and most importantly, shows the Albemarle team which levers to pull to improve the employee experience.


  • Lacked real-time data on which support issues most slow employees down
  • Difficulty supporting international employees in their preferred languages


  • Gained the ability to identify and prevent critical disruptions across the digital workplace
  • Enabled self-service support for its global workforce with multilingual AI


Avatar-Albemarle-AlBot-1000X1000-3-transparent ALbot


Decrease in support ticket resolution time


Of support tickets are resolved without back-and-forth with IT

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Seeing impact with Employee Experience Insights

Thompson and Singh were constantly working to create a more efficient, more productive workplace, but they had no real way of knowing what was slowing their employees down.

Now, with Employee Experience Insights (EXI) Albemarle can turn thousands of requests into a simple, actionable to-do list. While current ITSM insights tools focus primarily on tickets and SLAs, EXI focuses on employees’ everyday experiences. It offers Albemarle’s support leaders granular insights about each employee persona — allowing them to see and address inefficiencies across the company immediately.

Albemarle’s vision is clear

Suppose you want to design the best company to work for. Where would you start? Albemarle did not underestimate this question. To get employee experience right, they needed a solution capable of revealing what’s working and what’s not. That’s where Moveworks came in.

In Singh’s words: “Moveworks has opened brand new territory for us. ALbot’s natural language understanding has revealed a vision for how we can transform Albemarle’s employee experience. 

At first, we thought that no one solution could be the answer, but Moveworks can really do it all.”

With Moveworks, we can provide the same high-quality support to every employee, no matter which languages they speak. The bot gives our people 24/7 help in their native language, conversationally. Now, they can get support right away, without us needing localized service desks all over the world. Patrick Thompson, Chief Information and Digital Transformation Officer, Albemarle

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