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Support a global workforce. Instantly.

Give every employee a seamless experience.

Moveworks provides true multilingual support to employees in their native tongue — no training required. Employees can get help instantly, just by asking. Because Moveworks doesn’t follow a script, when employees switch languages, our platform adapts on a dime.

Understand support issues in any language.

Moveworks is a one-stop shop for any employee to submit any issue, in any language. Our platform goes well beyond translation to interpret enterprise jargon, including conference room names, email groups, and company policies. It’s engineered to understand the way employees request help at work.

Send the right resource, right away.

Moveworks provides the right solution to employees’ requests, such as snippets from knowledge articles in the appropriate language. Our platform ingests thousands of support resources, the moment they’re published, so employees don’t need to go digging for what they need.

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Average time for Moveworks to fully resolve a support issue at Nutanix

Instant support across the globe

Moveworks is designed to engage employees on their terms, without following a script. Our platform can switch languages and determine the ideal response on the fly — using machine learning models fine-tuned on domain-specific language.

Especially with a multilingual workforce, your support platform needs to hold dynamic conversations to resolve every unique issue. That’s why our conversation engine continuously learns from each interaction, allowing Moveworks to provide a simple, unscripted experience to employees around the world.

An enterprise copilot that speaks every language

Moveworks uses advanced natural language understanding (NLU) to determine exactly what employees need. By building upon our deep knowledge of enterprise terminology, our platform can interpret requests however they’re phrased.

Employees can file tickets in any language of their choice. Our platform automatically translates their ticket so any agent can quickly understand the issue. Once the issue is resolved, Moveworks translates the entire ticket back to English to ensure system compliance.

Understand exactly what your employees need

Support teams create knowledge articles that contain an incredible level of detail. To make that information accessible to employees, we evolved our semantic search system to find the relevant snippet of information across multiple languages.

After your employees have been helped, you can find out exactly what issues are slowing your team down with our advanced insights tools.

"As a global company, we need to provide the same quality of support to every employee at Albemarle to empower their potential, no matter which languages they speak. Moveworks gives our people 24/7 help in their native language — just by having a natural conversation with the bot. Now, they can get support right away, without us needing localized service desks in each location."

Patrick Thompson

CIO, Albemarle Corporation

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