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Are 5-minute I.T.
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Issues resolved automatically by Moveworks per month

At loanDepot, we’re laser-focused on the future. The only way forward is to build an amazing employee experience, where all our people get the support they need to build the best future for themselves and the company. Moveworks’ AI is critical to our strategy. Donald Small, Director of IT Service Management, loanDepot

At loanDepot, home means everything

Founded in 2010, loanDepot has helped more than a quarter of a million Americans achieve their dreams of homeownership.

But there were mounting issues facing the service desk. Responses to technical support tickets were backed up by hours, if not days, and negatively impacted employees’ abilities to do their jobs. That’s why Donald Small, Director of IT Service Management at loanDepot, had his own mission: creating the workplace of the future.

Elle-Dee is here to help

Elle-Dee, loanDepot’s Moveworks bot, launched in 2022 and has been a success since day one. 

Before Elle-Dee, a typical support ticket might take three to five days until resolution. Now, employees get solutions in just minutes.

In its first month alone, Elle-Dee answered over 1,000 questions from employees, while also unlocking accounts, provisioning software, and managing approvals. IT has time to work on big digital transformation projects, and employees don't have to wait for support.


  • Responding to technical support tickets took days, blocking employee productivity
  • Scaling help desk operations while transitioning to hybrid work


  • The IT team uses AI to answer thousands of routine questions in seconds.
  • More than half of employees are actively engaged with AI-powered communications.
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Employee satisfaction with the bot


Employee engagement with comms sent via the bot

AI accelerates approvals

Elle-Dee has made a huge impact when it comes to approvals. After an employee submits a request form, the bot can automatically route approvals to the right hands, directly on Microsoft Teams. 

Managers can easily accept or deny access using natural language, ensuring that employees get what they need — whether it’s access to software or getting added to a distribution list. In an old-school IT model, approvals can take days. But now, employees who use Elle-Dee can get what they need in as little as 5 minutes.

Unlocking loanDepot's future

What’s next for Elle-Dee? Donald Small has plenty of ideas.

Recognizing that loanDepot’s employees are the company’s greatest assets, Small has plans to look for ways Elle-Dee can do even more. Whatever the next step is, Small, his team, and Elle-Dee are more than up for the challenge of creating an amazing employee experience.

Because of all the time Elle-Dee’s opened up for my team, I’ve been able to refocus L1 agents. Instead of spending time working through routine questions, they can become knowledge creators and subject matter experts. Donald Small, Director of IT Service Management, loanDepot

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