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Unity levels up
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Unity Technologies


Employee satisfaction with Moveworks

Moveworks lets our team focus on fixing big things that are broken—not provisioning software licenses and unlocking accounts.

That’s huge.
Brian Hoyt, CIO, Unity Technologies

Tech that changes the game for creators

Unity is the world’s leading platform for creating and operating real-time 3D (RT3D) content. Creators—ranging from game developers to artists, architects, automotive designers, filmmakers, and others—use Unity to make their imaginations come to life. Apps developed by Unity creators were downloaded more than five billion times per month in 2020.

Recent years have witnessed Unity rapidly expand to other countries and other industries, including automotive, architecture, construction, engineering, manufacturing, and more. From an IT perspective, prioritizing the productivity and experience of Unity’s employees is a top priority—enabling them to achieve peak performance by eliminating friction from the workday. But to support these employees at scale, Unity’s CIO Brian Hoyt recognized the need for a new approach.

“With Unity expanding to 45 offices worldwide, I knew we needed a way to scale our support,” Hoyt said. “I can’t just hire an IT person for every single office, so the challenge becomes keeping up the same quality and speed without increasing headcount. That’s what Moveworks has allowed us to do.” 


Unity unleashes Ninja Unicorn

In April 2019, the Unity team deployed its Moveworks AI chatbot, known to the company’s employees as Ninja Unicorn. The bot uses advanced natural language understanding (NLU) to deduce—and then deliver—the best resolution to employees’ IT issues. Ninja Unicorn helps employees with a vast array of tech problems: getting software, resetting passwords, editing email groups, troubleshooting devices, and more.

Moveworks has made a profound impact at Unity, immediately winning over employees by resolving their IT issues within a few seconds. Today, Ninja Unicorn handles 30% of these issues, completely autonomously. And for anything that requires an expert touch, the bot routes the issue to the appropriate assignment group to accelerate resolution for nearly all requests. Moveworks’ machine learning approach enables Ninja Unicorn to continuously deepen its knowledge of Unity’s IT environment, resolving more and more issues without intervention from the service desk.


  • Supporting rapid company expansion without adding IT headcount
  • Increasing bandwidth for digital transformation projects


  • Reduced the resolution time of IT issues from 3 days to less than 1 minute
  • Provided instant tech help to 92% of employees


Unity's Moveworks powered support-bot Ninja Unicorn Ninja Unicorn

Moveworks support-bot provides automated answers


of employees helped by Ninja Unicorn


interactions with Ninja Unicorn on Slack

Unity's Moveworks powered support-bot Ninja Unicorn

Adapting to the future of work—without pressing pause

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Unity’s employees became completely reliant on technology to stay productive, which caused its IT ticket volume to skyrocket. In just the first month of remote work, Unity’s employees submitted six times as many requests for Zoom, seven times as many questions about company policy, and 89% more issues overall.

But Ninja Unicorn intercepted tech support comments across different communication channels from email to Slack to actual IT tickets, and addressed them right on chat. By resolving employees’ issues no matter how they’re raised, Ninja Unicorn ensured that the company could handle the surge in support requests, without pausing key digital transformation projects.

It’s really Moveworks that brought to life our vision of instant support on Slack. The bot helps people through natural conversation just like an agent would — but at the speed of AI. Brian Hoyt, CIO, Unity Technologies

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