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Vituity speeds up care for patients — by supporting its physicians with AI



of L1 help desk agents freed up for higher priorities

Clearly, Moveworks has meant immediate ROI, but it’s so much more than cost savings. The last year has proven that success comes down to allowing employees to focus on things that matter — in our case, caring for patients. That’s how Moveworks sets us up to succeed. Amith Nair, CIO, Vituity

Vituity's focus: quality care at scale

Now more than ever, the healthcare sector is tasked with delivering high-quality care, the moment it’s needed, at enormous scale. As one of the largest acute care providers in the United States, Vituity is committed to meeting that standard for the 6.5 million patients it serves each year. A partnership of nearly 5,000 physicians leads and owns Vituity, all of whom depend on advanced technology to combat the current global health crisis. 

This reliance on technology means that supporting patients and supporting physicians are deeply related challenges, because when something breaks, both patients and physicians are left waiting for help. Vituity’s CIO Amith Nair realized that automation had become a necessity to eliminate disruptions for physicians — in real time.


Automating employee experience with Otto

In April 2020, Vituity deployed the Moveworks bot, which its physicians know as Otto. Otto is an AI-powered chatbot that lives on Microsoft Teams, Vituity’s messaging platform. The bot has completely transformed how physicians get help: rather than waiting days, they now get answers in seconds.

Crucially, Otto doesn’t just understand what users need;it automates every step of the support process. Powered by the Moveworks Intelligence Engine™, Otto deeply understands physicians’ requests, maps them to solutions across Vituity’s entire digital infrastructure, and delivers just the relevant snippet. And because it’s learned the company’s unique org chart, every answer is personalized according to the user’s role, location, and security permissions.


  • Disruptive issues that sidetrack physicians from providing care
  • Keeping a large, distributed workforce on the same page


  • Freed up 40% of L1 help desk agents to focus on higher priorities
  • Transformed communications strategy with interactive messages on Teams


Vituity's Moveworks powered support-bot Otto Otto


requests for help from Otto


reduction in average time to resolution

Vituity's Moveworks powered support-bot Otto
Moveworks is a much more personable way of communicating than emails. It’s like a real-time conversation: the bot answers follow-up questions and points people in the right direction. Rebecca Burgess, Director of Digital Adoption and Enablement, Vituity

Driving action with targeted communications

Vituity deployed Otto right when COVID began. Otto allowed its remote workforce to stay productive — letting employees self-service their issues, no matter where they’re located. 

One of the primary challenges for any distributed workforce is communicating change from afar. Like many other organizations, Vituity’s previous approach to communication was mass email, a format that struggled to keep the entire organization on the same page:

“Most company comms today are sent in emails,” said Nair. “Guess what: no one reads emails! That’s why we’re shifting most of our comms strategy to using Moveworks over chat. It’s about making sure our messages go to the right people on the right platform, so they actually get read.”

Now with Moveworks for Employee Communications, Vituity’s leaders can send targeted, interactive messages that are the opposite of mass emails. The bot automatically sends messages to the relevant users on Microsoft Teams, handles follow-up questions, and reports on engagement in real time.

Key Integrations

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M365 and Exchange


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