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More than a message: Inspire action with Moveworks for Employee Communications

Sushanth Bhaskarabhatla, Product Manager

Anand Sainath, Tech Lead

Ameet Mehta, Design Lead


As a business leader, you have to adapt to survive change. But making those changes — whether you're switching CRMs, returning to the office, or rolling out new software — requires massive coordination.

That's why communication is at the heart of every company. To manage change, you need your employees to be up-to-date, no matter where they're physically working. Informed employees stay productive and avoid problems proactively — reducing the workload for your support teams.

importence of comunication with companies Figure 1: Typical mass communication approaches, like emails, are often left unread by employees — making it difficult to keep priorities aligned company-wide.

Now the bad news: traditional employee communications are no longer effective. Employees are experts at tuning out irrelevant information, so if even a single email isn’t important, they learn to ignore that sender completely. And seeing how our customers' employees were already accustomed to using Moveworks as a one-stop shop for help, we decided to build a solution that tackles the challenge of keeping your organization in sync and moving forward with purpose. 

We’re thrilled to officially announce that Moveworks for Employee Communications is available for everyone: 

moveworks employee communication Figure 2: With Moveworks for Employee Communications, company leaders can send actionable messages to precisely the right people.

This blog will walk through how industry leaders like Autodesk, Robert Half, and Vituity use Moveworks to make change happen overnight. We’ll cover how our Employee Comms solution:

  1. Sends targeted messages to only the right employees
  2. Ensures those employees take immediate action
  3. Answers follow-up questions in real time

Stop getting ignored.

Employees are flooded with hundreds of emails a day. So when it comes to catching a certain team or person’s attention, today’s companies face an enormous challenge. On the one hand, they need to keep everyone on the same page when policies change or tools are updated. And on the other hand, they have to ensure that this downpour of information trickles into only the right inboxes.

This was the challenge that inspired us to build a way to easily send messages to just the right employees. Thanks to our identity system, when you plan a campaign with our Communications Console, you can factor in everything from seniority and department to role and security permissions when selecting the audience for your message. And by automatically taking employee location and time zone into account, we help you deliver messages at the right time to boost engagement even further.

targeting the right audience Figure 3: With Moveworks, targeting the right audience is as easy as filte

Typically, the more messages you send, the more you’re ignored. But with Moveworks — it’s just the opposite. Since every message is meaningful, every one reinforces the idea that our chatbot is the place to go for consistently high-quality information. In fact, by sending targeted campaigns, our early adopters have seen engagement rates as high as 72%. 

On top of this, you’re freed up to communicate what you want whenever you want. Because you know that you're going only to reach the right people, you no longer have to worry about overwhelming anyone with irrelevant information.

Actions speak louder than words.

The goal of most internal comms is to get employees to complete a task. And this means reaching out to them where they spend most of their time: chat. 

Chat is the way to do employee comms. Workers spend their entire day on Teams, Slack, or other enterprise messaging apps. When it comes to getting the whole company to enroll in new healthcare benefits or complete mandatory security training — chat is a natural jumping-off point. Moveworks ensures that employees know what to do next and then do it. 

employees easy chat Figure 4: Employees easily complete next steps over chat.

Think about the last time you were reminded to take a survey sent out the previous week. How long are you going to spend digging through your inbox for that link? Even if you think it’s important, there is a limit to the amount of time you’ll spend on it. 

By moving employee comms into chat, we can intelligently link employees to the training they need to complete or to the form they need to update. We made it so they can act without ever leaving the platform. Every task is a click away.

employees engaging Figure 5: Moveworks offers visibility into how employees engage with campaigns.

For communications teams, we offer immediate and comprehensive analytics. Before, the IT team might cross their fingers, hoping that the right people respond to their latest update. Now, the team can send periodic messages to check in with employees using a certain SaaS application. 

When you send messages with Moveworks, comms teams know in real-time who has taken action, allowing for additional targeted follow-up as needed. With detailed insight into user engagement, our customers craft increasingly effective campaigns, ensuring that the change they want to happen happens.

Don't send an email. Send an expert.

Communication is conversation. If you want to share something important, shouting and then running away is hardly the best method. Unfortunately, this approach is common in the world of employee comms. Sending an email, for example, is static and rarely offers a two-way channel for employees to ask follow-up questions.

With Moveworks, every message is the beginning of a conversation with an expert.

conversation expert chat Figure 6: Employee Comms open a direct communication line where employees can ask questions and get immediate answers.

With this new approach, employees aren’t just getting a message — they’re getting Moveworks and all our bot has to offer. Since our AI has read all your knowledge articles, ingested every FAQ, and knows your employee handbook to the letter, our bot can answer whatever questions they have. And unlike a static message, the bot also handles the back-and-forth on the company’s behalf, so sending an update doesn’t flood support teams with requests for clarification. 

In seconds, our bot answers all the questions that updates to company policy or newly deployed tools raise. Sending an update or a reminder shouldn’t be a dead-end — it should open a pathway for future conversations.

Make employee comms your differentiator.

There’s always been a way to communicate with employees — whether by mass email or all-hands meetings. But frequently, internal messaging is an afterthought. Using email to jumpstart change across an entire company, especially with employees working from anywhere, it’s just assumed that any big transition can take years or never happen at all. 

Robert Half challenged this assumption — using our AI-powered chatbot to get thousands of employees to adopt a new collaboration platform: Microsoft Teams. Sending targeted campaigns that showed users where to go and offering tips on how to best leverage the new platform, the company managed to get almost everyone on board in only months. Now, Robert Half’s teams have a new collaboration hub, a single digital workplace where they can do their best work without interruptions.

By rethinking employee comms as personalized, actionable messages that connect employees with immediate expert answers, companies can turn an afterthought into an advantage.

robert employees with moveworks teams Figure 7: Leading companies use Moveworks to update employees with relevant and actionable messages.

Contact Moveworks to learn how you can transform your employee communications.

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