Stop answering
finance questions.

Moveworks frees up your team by
solving employees’ finance issues.

Moveworks for Finance

You’re crunching the numbers, creating the policies, and crafting the financial future of your company. There’s no time to address the same questions from coworkers — over and over again.

That’s why Moveworks uses conversational AI to answer those questions instantly, letting you focus on meaningful work.

Guarantee compliance across the company.

Screenshot - personalization (MW provides info that’s specific to user’s location/role/dept) eg. ESPP

Guarantee compliance across the company.

Your goal is to ensure that your entire company complies with every financial policy. But that means you’re bombarded with questions whenever things change.

Our AI clarifies your policies for you by providing exactly the right paragraph from your knowledge base. Moveworks understands each user’s role, location, and security permissions — making our answers relevant and secure.

Get more value from your resources.

Screenshot - MW shares the latest, up-to-date info, and delivers only relevant snippet answer (eg. tax)

Get more value from your resources.

Your team spends a huge amount of time creating policies, FAQs, and knowledge articles. But they’re only useful if employees know they exist.

Moveworks maximizes the value of these resources. When you add an FAQ or update a policy, Moveworks immediately learns the new information and surfaces it over chat.

Change the rules — overnight.

Screenshot - comms announcement (eg. reimbursement policy change)

Change the rules — overnight.

When things change, Moveworks instantly updates employees impacted, ensuring constant compliance.

And when they inevitably have follow-up questions, our bot handles the back-and-forth on your behalf.

Let Moveworks handle finance questions.

User-specific answers
By learning your company’s unique org chart and permissions, Moveworks gives employees access to only the resources they need.
Smart handoff
Moveworks means you don’t have to worry about routing issues. Our bot understands how your teams work, and automatically sends requests to the right experts.
Finance insights
Our AI enables you to set data-driven priorities — by delivering insights on top questions, most used resources, and gaps in the company knowledge base.

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