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Moveworks resolves employees’ IT issues —
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Moveworks for IT

Tech support is famous for being slow. Employees are stuck waiting for their tech issues to get fixed, since help desk agents must resolve even routine issues by hand.

Those days are over. Moveworks handles support requests instantly and automatically, freeing up your help desk to work on the projects that matter.

“Moveworks lets our team focus on fixing big things that are broken — not provisioning software licenses and unlocking accounts. That’s huge.”

Brian Hoyt,
CIO, Unity


Redefine the IT support experience.


Redefine the IT support experience.

Employees expect help instantly, whenever they ask. And when they can’t find what they need, they end up emailing your team.

Our AI chatbot intercepts IT issues — then resolves them right on your company’s chat platform. Every solution is relevant and secure because Moveworks understands each user’s role, location, and permissions.

Scale support — without adding headcount.


Scale support — without adding headcount.

As companies grow, IT teams get consumed by more and more small fires, like unlocking accounts and provisioning software.

And because Moveworks handles all of these requests, you can support rapid company growth with the same-sized help desk.

Get more from your existing resources.


Get more from your existing resources.

Your team spends a huge amount of time creating resources for employees to help themselves, from knowledge articles to forms to FAQs. Here’s the problem: employees don’t know where to find them.

Moveworks ensures that employees use your resources, giving them exactly the answers and forms they need directly on chat.

Automate IT support with Moveworks

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Your secret to instant support

Secure resource access
Moveworks gives employees access to only the resources they need by learning your company's org chart, permissions, and configurations. And when a request needs approval, our bot automatically notifies the right approver.
Fully automated triage
Moveworks means you don’t have to worry about routing issues. Our AI understands how your teams work, and automatically routes requests to the right assignment group.
IT insights
Moveworks lets you set data-driven goals — by delivering insights on employees’ top questions, most used resources, and gaps in the company knowledge base.

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