Broadcom’s employees get help in <60 seconds

By integrating scattered knowledge bases with AI, Broadcom’s employees can help themselves.


A $20 billion company with offices and facilities around the globe, Broadcom designs, develops, and manufactures a wide range of semiconductor and infrastructure software products.

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Of IT issues resolved autonomously


Integrating new systems into existing IT environment 


Able to resolve more than half of all tech issues in under a minute 

The Problem

Broadcom’s rapid growth requires robust IT integrations

Broadcom is a global infrastructure technology company with a long history of innovation. Over the years, the organization has been aggressive about expansion, resulting in a number of mergers and acquisitions.

Andy Nallappan, Vice President and CIO at Broadcom, has seen his company undergo incredible growth and transformation over the years; however, the acquisitions Broadcom has made over the last decade present integration challenges. Information was spread across 10 different knowledge bases, making it difficult for employees to find the right information.

As employees rely on an ever-growing number of SaaS applications to keep pace with the fast-moving business, quickly answering their IT questions has never been more critical. They are expected to be increasingly self-sufficient when finding the knowledge they need — like changing their virtual background on Zoom or troubleshooting error messages on Slack. The problem is that knowledge is scattered. And even if employees manage to find the right knowledge base, outdated search systems make it difficult to find the right article.

The Solution

Broadcom integrates its IT environment with AI

In September 2018, Broadcom launched 1.Bot, the company’s internal name for Moveworks. Employees were instantly able to use Google Chat to resolve a variety of issues like resetting passwords, unlocking accounts, creating tickets, checking ticket status, and finding answers from knowledge base articles.

Now, Moveworks’ combination of advanced conversational AI and natural language understanding (NLU) enables 1.Bot to resolve employees’ IT support issues conversationally, directly in chat. When the best solution to an issue is in the knowledge base, Moveworks Semantic Search understands the employee’s symptoms to provide the exact, snippet-sized answer they need.

Broadcom with Moveworks chat screen

You don’t want your users going all over the place to search for information. The advantage of our Moveworks bot is that there’s one familiar go-to place for employees to get their answers.

Stanley Toh

Head of End-User Services & Experience

The Result

57% of Broadcom’s IT issues are solved in less than a minute

With an integrated knowledge base, 57% of Broadcom’s IT issues are solved in less than a minute

A few years ago, Broadcom set out a vision to integrate the help desk experience for its employees, save time, and reduce the volume of work by automating tasks with AI. In the last two years alone, its IT team has systematically improved its knowledge base using Moveworks’ AI platform. 

Today, 1.Bot surfaces answers for employees in less than a minute, pulling information from across all the different knowledge bases and surfacing it in a single interface, Google Chat.

With real time visibility over knowledge base gaps, Broadcom's team can create new articles, or update old ones, so employees can self-service their own support. The help desk no longer feels like the "helpless" desk.

Nallappan’s overall impression of Moveworks is simple and powerful:

“It’s AI that really works.”


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