Moveworks Platform

Effortless Employee Support

The Moveworks platform solves employee issues instantly. For every employee, across every department, in every language.

Powered by AI and machine learning, Moveworks serves up exactly what employees need — in their native language. 

Every channel,
every issue,
every time.

Emails. Forms. Messages. No matter how employees ask for help, Moveworks intercepts the issue and gets to work.

We solve limitless support requests simultaneously, without breaking a sweat.

Unprecedented understanding.

Introducing the most advanced natural language understanding ever created for the enterprise. 

Powered by Collective Learning, Moveworks figures out what employees need, no matter what language they speak or how complex their request.

The chatbot that teaches itself.

Meet your new favorite student: Moveworks learns how your company works while on the job, without any teaching or training from you.

Our secret? A probabilistic AI decision engine that keeps pace as things change.

White-glove support. Machine speed.

Employees want personalized help — but they don’t want to wait.

Behind the scenes, Moveworks finds all the relevant people and resources, filling in the details without the delay.

You’ve never seen a chatbot like this.

Conversation can’t be hard-coded.

Scripted conversations aren’t our style.

That’s why Moveworks generates our responses on the fly, in any language — with precise, powerful, and patented conversational AI.

Not just talk.

Other chatbots talk to employees. Moveworks takes action.

Thanks to deep integrations with your entire tech stack, we fix issues. Automatically. End to end.

Days → Seconds

Patience is overrated. Our chatbot makes disruptions disappear, letting your company work faster than the competition.

The days of waiting for support are officially over.

It’s time to focus on what matters.

Talented employees shouldn’t be stuck doing busywork. We’ve got AI for that.

Moveworks frees people up to focus on meaningful projects — with the world’s first platform dedicated to employee experience.

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