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Moveworks Integrates with Microsoft Teams to Transform Enterprise IT Support

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Integration of leading AI and Natural Language Understanding platform with Microsoft Teams turns chat and collaboration platform into an autonomous IT support channel.

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. -- Moveworks today announces a technology integration to help enterprises using Microsoft Teams deliver autonomous resolution of employee IT tickets. Through this integration, employees can now engage Moveworks' AI-powered bot within Teams to get instant help — whether it's a request for information, troubleshooting support, resetting a password, or any other IT request — without involving an IT support agent.

Powered by Natural Language Understanding (NLU) and Machine Learning (ML), the Moveworks platform understands employee issues and requests by analyzing complex enterprise language patterns, and then triggers a resolution autonomously.

"Organizations today must be even more responsive to employees' IT issues, given the current crisis," said Bhavin Shah, CEO, Moveworks. "Previous approaches to speeding up IT support consisted of toolkits, which required a lot of effort to set up and configure. We've applied machine learning to understand the language of IT support, to identify the best path to resolve issues, and then trigger the right automation — so we can solve IT issues end to end, without the need for people to work on them."

Shah continues, "As working remotely becomes the new normal, collaboration hubs like Microsoft Teams are allowing employees to stay productive from anywhere. Moveworks is thrilled to partner with Microsoft to help achieve that vision — adding instant, AI-powered IT support to the platform's extensive capabilities."

Bhrighu Sareen, General Manager, Microsoft Teams said, "The Moveworks integration will now allow our joint customers to empower their employees to use Microsoft Teams to resolve their most critical IT support issues instantly and autonomously."

Key benefits of the Moveworks and Teams integration include:

  • Teams becomes the unified IT support hub: Integrating with Moveworks enables Teams to become a unified natural language UI/UX for enterprise apps, including ServiceNow.
  • Better employee experience: Moveworks autonomously resolves, on average, 35-40 percent of all IT support tickets with a resolution time of 60 seconds. Employees get their IT support issues solved in seconds instead of days—all with a simple, natural language chat within Teams.
  • Empowers service desk resources: CIOs and IT teams can free service desk agents from repetitive and manual tasks and empower them to work on more strategic initiatives.
  • More ROI from existing investments: Enterprises running Teams and Moveworks derive better ROI on their existing automated services. Moveworks makes this possible because its conversational AI understands the IT issue when the employee reports it in a Teams chat. Moveworks takes immediate action, executing the existing automated service that the employee would not have found otherwise.

Through the integration, enterprises running Teams can now leverage pre-built Moveworks integrations to their organization's core IT systems, such as Active Directory for identity and access management, Office 365 for email / groups, SharePoint for knowledge, Microsoft System Center Orchestrator for automating workflows, and ITSM platforms such as ServiceNow, Jira, and Zendesk for tracking requests.

The Teams and Moveworks integration, and the latest improvements to Moveworks' machine learning models, have boosted automatic ticket routing at Equinix, with more than 1,800 tickets now triaged per week, on average. The system is now able to make an automatic routing decision for an estimated 65 percent of incoming tickets, and of those, it provides the correct routing decision approximately 96 percent of the time. As a result, less than a year after launch, Equinix has already witnessed an estimated 32 percent reduction in the average IT ticket's lifespan — a figure which continues to climb as Moveworks gets smarter with experience.

"I have three priorities when it comes to supporting our workforce: enable the IT team to focus on high-value tasks, put intelligence in their hands to make better decisions, and deliver the best support experience to employees," said Milind Wagle, CIO, Equinix. "Moveworks is unique in that it helps us achieve all three together. Integrated with Microsoft Teams, it allows our employees to stay productive, connected, and engaged, no matter where they're working."

Moveworks is the industry's first autonomous artificial intelligence (AI) platform for IT resolution in the enterprise.

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Logan Goldberg, Head of Communications