Wellstar’s copilot delivered ROI in days

Instead of manually building a toolkit chatbot, Wellstar transformed its employee experience with AI that works out of the box.


Wellstar is the largest healthcare system in Georgia. The non-profit pledges to put patients first by investing in innovative, life-saving technologies, providing convenient access to medical care, and ensuring the highest safety standards.

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Conversations with the Moveworks Copilot


Automating personalized support for over 26K healthcare employees without overextending IT                                        


Employees self-service their own support, engaging in over 100K one-on-one conversations with their Moveworks Copilot

The Problem

Wellstar wanted to put its people first

Dianne Kokotoff, Executive Director of Enterprise Solutions and Automation at Wellstar, wanted to extend Wellstar’s focus on specialized support to the company’s employees. But building a better employee experience wouldn’t be as simple as updating a few policies.

At Wellstar, the question was not choosing to automate but choosing how to automate. Like many organizations before them, Kokotoff and her team’s options were to either manually build out a solution using a conventional chatbot “toolkit” or find an option that works out of the box. And they needed ROI fast.

Valued team members, from frontline medical professionals to IT, were burning out, just from dealing with frustrating tech problems. That’s why Kokotoff and her team were looking for a solution that could be up and running fast.

Kokotoff and Larry Ross, the ServiceNow manager, wanted a super personalized, conversational support experience. But creating a homegrown copilot with this level of sophistication would require a monumental amount of work upfront, work their team was not equipped to manage. To do this, they’d need a partner like Moveworks.

The Solution

An AI copilot that works out of the box

In May 2020, Wellstar deployed its Moveworks Copilot, better known to the team as WALi. Powered by the Moveworks Reasoning Engine, WALi delivered ROI on day one — understanding company lingo, automatically syncing with backend systems, and adapting to user feedback — so the IT team is free to focus on other priorities instead of constantly maintaining dialog flows

Today, WALi ensures employees get the help they need through natural conversations. Whether a frontline worker is locked out of their account or an office-based admin has a question about a new policy — the copilot understands each request, determining the most relevant solutions in seconds.


Wellstar with Moveworks chat screen

I’ve built bots, and I’ve bought bots. Unless you have a huge development team, I recommend you buy. That way, you can get all the expertise, the knowledge, the wisdom, and the talent of the people involved.

Larry Ross

ServiceNow Manager

The Result

The best employee experience puts people first

Kokotoff and Ross have made a concerted effort to always think about the end-user first, instead of just clicking boxes. This approach is harder than the status quo, but it’s certainly paid off. 

By investing time and energy into building the best employee experience — not manually building a copilot — they were able to launch a solution that genuinely helps their employees do their best work and delivers ROI instantly.

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