Identify employee support initiatives that deliver impact

Reveal the truth

Uncover hidden insights in support tickets and copilot conversations with analytics that mine the raw, unstructured language.

Focus on impact

Rapidly identify initiatives that drive the business forward through AI-generated recommendations.

Track performance

Measure your copilot's impact across employee groups, services, apps, locations, and more.

Copilot Analytics

Measure the value of your copilot

Track the capabilities, features, and resources that employees find valuable. Drill down by employee cohorts, services, apps, and issue clusters.


Continuous Service Improvement

Focus on impactful projects

Our AI reveals what employees are really asking for, what's slowing them down, and which automations or content will unblock the workforce.


LLM-powered insights and recommendations

AI categorization

Drill down into the app and service issues discovered by AI in your unique data.


Identify high-impact automation, content, and process improvements at the click of a button.


Compare service performance over time and benchmark against similar organizations.

Copilot dashboard

Explore and explain the impact of your copilot.

Knowledge gaps

Understand the content employees find valuable and identify the articles you should write next.

Executive insights

Summarize the most important charts and data for your leadership team.

Turbocharge productivity across every department

Turbocharge productivity across every department

Uplevel IT effectiveness

Give IT teams the ability to turn insights gleaned from ticket data into positive outcomes for your organization.
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Streamline HR cases

Enable your HR team to spend more time with your people by optimizing the copilot’s ability to provide answers and automations.
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Ensure FP&A efficiency

Make sure nothing stands in between your finance team and what they need to be strategic partners for your business.
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Let sellers sell

Sellers should be focused on selling, not getting access to Salesforce. Moveworks lets you remove critical blockers to revenue.
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Keep marketers marketing

With Moveworks, marketers can spend more time marketing your product or service and less time dealing with IT support.
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Save engineers time

Let engineers focus their precious time building rather than unblocking themselves so they can build.
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Albemarle doubles productivity with Employee Experience Insights

Albemarle uses Moveworks to seamlessly support its global operations — without adding headcount. See how the manufacturer prevents critical disruptions.

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Intercontinental Exchange turns IT tickets into an actionable to-do list
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Learn how Moveworks helps employees automate tasks, find information, query data, get notifications, and create content across all of your business applications.

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