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Provide a Google-like search experience

Centralize hundreds of your documents within Moveworks, so users can search any snippet of information buried across different applications and systems in one place – maximizing their productivity.                                                  

Deliver endless value that’s always up-to-date.

Moveworks Enterprise Cache™ is constantly ingesting documents across your systems and hundreds of public knowledge sources in real-time. By analyzing knowledge gaps with ML, you’ll receive recommendations on what to create & update.                    

Ensure personalized and secure responses.

By ingesting platform permissions from ACL tables, Moveworks will always provide information that users are permitted to view, along with personalized responses based on user and conversational context.

Popular Use Cases

Users can look up information that personalized, public, and permissioned. Below are some of the most popular ways customers have leveraged Queries today

  • IT troubleshooting
  • How-to questions
  • Security/compliance questions
  • Benefits inquiries
  • Payroll information
  • Tax information
  • HRIS questions
  • New hire onboarding
  • Employment verification letter
  • Vacation policy inquiries
  • Expense policy questions
  • Compensation questions
  • M&A related FAQs
  • NDA policy questions
  • Deal process questions
  • Contract inquiries
  • Termination inquiries
  • Legal document questions
  • …and more!


Answers comes packed with features, acting as the conversational layer between users and enterprise documents.

Prioritized answers

Additional answers

External answers

Multilingual answers

Profile boosting

Knowledge recommendations

Snippetization & ingestion

Prioritized answers

Shows a single high-precision answer whenever a specific question is asked, providing a decluttered experience.

Additional answers

Displays a set of relevant articles if the question is ambiguously described, and engages them to ask more specific questions or explore.

External answers

Automatically ingests and surfaces external support articles directly from trusted vendors, saving your team from writing net-new knowledge.


Multilingual answers

Translates snippets shown to end-users on-the-fly to provide a more personalized experience without your team having to translate documents to every employee’s language.

Profile boosting

Prioritizes content based on geo-tags found on the user profile or query for a more personalized, secure experience.

Knowledge recommendations

Searches across Moveworks customer base to find articles that answer gaps that your enterprise knowledge doesn’t, and generates priority recommendations on what to create based on impact.

Snippetization & ingestion

Segments documents into snippets automatically with machine learning, so users get the precise answer that they’re looking for without wasting time reading a full article. Ingests new snippets in real-time.

Moveworks is the core of our digital workplace, since it lets employees access support for the broader tech stack with a single search... Our job is about using technology to empower and improve the employee experience — whether they need IT support or HR help or more. That's what we've achieved with Moveworks.

Steve Phillpott


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