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Product Launch: Moveworks enhances AI platform to support the world’s largest companies

Varun Singh, VP of Product

enhansing ai platform

If you’ve been following Moveworks for long, you understand the enormous potential of AI to automate support for employees — while also allowing service desks to spend more time on high-impact work. 

But for large and complex enterprises, achieving that level of end-to-end automation isn’t easy. Everything from company policies to user permissions to knowledge articles is in constant flux. New resources get added every day, while others become obsolete. And even the most relevant resource for a Canadian employee on the Sales team might not help an engineer in France. Without considering all of this nuance, automation projects often fail to get off the ground.

Moveworks is the first AI platform that’s purpose-built to automate support for the world’s largest companies. And today, we’re announcing major enhancements to our platform, designed specifically to handle these complex environments.

At the core of this announcement is Adaptive Response, a technique that enables our bot to serve up a completely custom answer based on user context and past feedback. We’re also announcing expanded integrations, a context-aware permissions system, and the ability to hand off high-touch issues to a live service desk agent. Collectively, the enhancements allow large companies to deliver instant and effortless support to their employees, with a single AI platform that keeps pace as their business evolves.

Read the full announcement here.


Adaptive Response

Seemingly simple issues often demand complex solutions. A lot of behind-the-scenes effort is needed to answer, “What’s the policy for taking time off?” And while a conventional chatbot would likely provide one, pre-programmed response in every situation, Moveworks takes a deeply personalized and contextual approach to support, one which adapts as companies change.

With Adaptive Response, Moveworks has taken this approach to the next level: automatically generating customized responses to each issue, based on all available resources, in real time. Building on our existing conversational AI system, Adaptive Response allows Moveworks to offer up multiple solutions when useful — for instance, a form and two knowledge articles — in a format that’s optimized to resolve support issues as quickly as possible:

moveworks solutions Figure 1: Adaptive Response gives Moveworks the ability to completely customize its responses, from the resources it surfaces to even the format of the response itself.

When someone asks Moveworks about PTO, our bot considers everything from current context to user feedback, then provides the best, most up-to-date resources for that person. In Figure 1, Moveworks serves up two resources — a knowledge article and a form — that are tailor-made for the contractor who needs help.    

Critically, Adaptive Response also accounts for the fact that answers change.  If in two weeks this contractor is hired to work full time, his answer would be drastically different. On top of this, new resources are added, and old ones are retired all the time. At a company with thousands of knowledge articles, forms, and workflows, keeping track of so many solutions can be a frustrating and manual job. But by leveraging Adaptive Response and constantly incorporating new information, Moveworks finds the ideal path to resolution, without involving the service desk.



Support teams expend a huge amount of effort to painstakingly build out their knowledge bases. The problem is that every department has its own specialized tool — the HR team might keep its knowledge in Simpplr, the IT team in Confluence, and the Finance team in SharePoint. As a result, employees struggle to track down the information they need to stay productive. 

That’s why Moveworks is expanding its integrations with Simpplr, Cherwell, Freshservice, and SharePoint on-premises. Now, when employees have questions, Moveworks can serve up a precise snippet of information from within any of these tools, or even multiple snippets if helpful. So instead of searching through endless systems or filing a support ticket, employees can simply describe any issue to Moveworks — directly in Microsoft Teams or Slack — and get an answer in seconds, all without any manual configuration.

moveworks expanding integrations


One of the biggest challenges in automating support is that different users have different permissions. Making sure that only authorized users can see restricted content isn’t something that simple, pre-programmed chatbots do well. In fact, even for the service desk, it can be incredibly difficult to ensure that information always ends up in the right hands.

user unique permissions Figure 2: Moveworks considers the unique permissions of each user, such as their position, seniority, and employment status.

As of this release, we’ve revamped our permissions system to ensure that only authorized employees see sensitive content. Our platform can now restrict access based on location, seniority, department, and other important factors, understanding complex layers of user information to provide individualized support automatically. And because Moveworks can ingest existing access control roles from service desk systems, like ServiceNow, incorporating permissions into the platform is straightforward for support teams.


Live Agent Handoff

Moveworks automates a high percentage of issues all by itself, but some situations will always require a person to step in and help out. 

Using natural language understanding (NLU) to understand employees' requests, Moveworks works with Vayusphere to make a seamless handoff to a live service desk agent — automatically triaging issues to the right expert. With this new approach, employees get support from the right expert directly in their enterprise chat platform. 

chat with hr live agent Figure 3: Moveworks streamlines the handoff to a live service desk agent via a deep integration with Vayusphere.

At Moveworks, we’re constantly working to unravel the complexities of today’s digital world. And that means resolving every request for help — IT, HR, finance, facilities, or otherwise — completely and autonomously.

Each of the innovations we’ve announced today plays a role in giving employees one simple place to go for help. Anyone can ask a question in plain English and get what they need to get the job done. Moving forward, we’ll continue to find new and creative ways to solve support issues faster, no matter the complexity.

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