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Moveworks Live recap: 8 key takeaways you may have missed

Margo Poda, Content Marketing Manager


We want to extend a big thanks to everyone who joined us at Moveworks Live!

It was a jam-packed day of sessions, announcements, and live interactive discussions with our global community — more content than anyone could tune into live. So we’ve rounded up some highlights to help you catch up.

Moveworks is the enterprise copilot platform

Moveworks Live kicked off with CEO Bhavin Shah sharing our vision of language as the primary interface between people and systems in the enterprise world. He emphasized that AI has transitioned from a "nice-to-have" to a business imperative, playing a crucial role in various industries.

This opening presentation took attendees on a journey through the evolution of AI technology, highlighting the remarkable resurgence of AI as an essential component of employee experience and how the transformer model invention and other milestones contributed to the rapid digital transformation in recent years.

Bhavin ended by setting the stage for the event by discussing the potential of AI — and specifically, AI copilots — to streamline work processes, improve the employee experience, and promote productivity across multiple departments. Using natural language, employees can effortlessly connect to several business systems and change the way work is done.

The opening section of Moveworks Live served as a powerful introduction to the transformative potential of conversational AI, inviting participants to explore how this technology will shape the future of work.

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How to craft your AI copilot strategy

We understand that businesses are looking for ways to leverage large language models (LLMs) effectively to create a tailored strategy. That’s why at Moveworks Live, CTO Vaibhav Nivargi shared a simple four-tier copilot framework to help you understand the level of investment and technology needed to build your copilot, depending on the specific use cases:

  • Tier 1: Copilots that address persona-specific use cases focused on generation (e.g., writing web copy) or simple analysis, achieved through a single API call to one LLM. 
  • Tier 2: Copilots that manage domain-specific use cases. This approach involves fine-tuning an LLM to understand domain-specific language and incorporating enterprise context (e.g., building a knowledge base of legal documents).
  • Tier 3: Copilots that deal with multi-step, domain-specific problems. This is achieved by stacking multiple LLMs and optimizing processes (e.g., helping sales teams follow up on specific accounts).
  • Tier 4: Copilots which address enterprise-wide problems. Solving these widespread challenges requires building an LLM stack that combines all the techniques from Tiers 1-3 at a wider scale — in addition to adding enterprise-grade security, better reasoning capabilities, identity management, permissions, and analytics. 
vaibhav nivargi

We would be remiss to not mention the announcement of our new language model, MoveLM™, designed explicitly for enterprise tasks. This model has been trained with high-quality enterprise data that has been aggregated over the past six years. We developed this data set by analyzing 500 million tickets, facilitating approximately 14 million bot conversations, and ingesting 401,215 knowledge base articles and 36,066 forms. MoveLM™ will be layered into our existing stack, performing alongside best-in-class models like MPNet and GPT-4.

MoveLM™ has two variations: a 7 billion parameter version that allows for a higher degree of customization and a 175 billion parameter version with enhanced reasoning capabilities.

Generate any conversational AI use case with Creator Studio

Moveworks Live gave us an opportunity to showcase our just-launched Creator Studio. Leveraging best-in-class language models, Creator Studio enables users to generate and fully deploy any conversational AI use case — without the need for building dialog flow or writing scripts. 

The platform consists of three main workspaces — Paths, Queries, and Events — which enable companies to connect their people and systems through the universal UI of language:

  • Paths Workspace eliminates the need for toolkits and empowers enterprise architects, service owners, and developers to generate fluid, yet controlled, conversations with ease. 
  • Queries Workspace allows employees to instantly access the information they need from across a fragmented enterprise ecosystem.
  • Events Workspace helps businesses run more smoothly by sending proactive, action-oriented messages to employees straight from business systems.

This session included a selection of demos featuring each of these workspaces to let attendees experience Creator Studio’s ease of use, speed, and adaptability.

We realize it's crucial to incorporate conversational AI into every organization's tech stack to keep up with the changing technological landscape. Boards around the world seem to be requiring CEOs to integrate conversational AI into every facet of their business, and this session provides a firsthand look into the potential of Creator Studio and its ability to transform the way companies create and manage conversational AI across the enterprise.

Make informed decisions with natural language analytics

Employee Experience Insights (EXI) harnesses Moveworks' expertise in Natural Language Understanding (NLU) and large language models (LLMs) to categorize, extract, and identify underlying problems from every incoming help desk ticket. With just a glance, you can get a comprehensive view of all issues in your organization.

We initially built EXI because we realized that natural language analytics can help business leaders make data-driven decisions that result in smarter, more efficient operations and, ultimately, better outcomes for the organization.

And that’s why at Moveworks Live, we revealed our ambitious plan to further apply the power of LLMs in analyzing unstructured data across various departments, starting with HR and eventually expanding into customer support and more. 

This development marks the beginning of a transformative journey that will utilize natural language analytics to streamline operations and enhance efficiency on a broader scale throughout the entire enterprise.

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Fill in the gaps with AI-powered knowledge generation

Moveworks Knowledge Writer is a game-changing tool designed to significantly reduce the time it takes to create, maintain, and update informative content for employees. 

This powerful tool uses AI to generate content, incorporating your organization's data and tailoring each piece for your unique environment

By using industry article templates and writing recommendations, you’ll effortlessly follow the most up-to-date guidelines for crafting engaging FAQs, tutorials, guidelines, policies, troubleshooting articles, and more.

Rest assured, as Knowledge Writer provides the source of generated information, ensuring the quality and accuracy of your content while eliminating concerns about hallucinations.

And we won’t leave you hanging! Our AI insights will ensure that you stay on top of your articles' performance and gain the valuable insights you need to continuously improve your knowledge base and address the needs of your employees.

Enhance the user experience with voice support

Moveworks Voice is reinventing the way voice recognition systems operate, departing from the limitations of traditional Interactive Voice Recognition (IVR) systems. 

While IVRs often struggle with aspects like ambient noise, speech variations, and industry-specific jargon, Moveworks Voice is designed to proficiently understand and navigate the intricacies of voice interactions, to assist in fluent and accurate responses. 

One of the tool's capabilities is to answer questions and take actions tailored to the unique needs of your organization's environment. This adaptability allows for seamless integration within your organization and increased efficiency.

With the ability to perform helpful tasks for callers, Moveworks Voice can eliminate the need for admins to predict every possible request. This versatility simplifies interactions, saves time, and makes the overall experience more enjoyable for users.

With the addition of Moveworks Voice, your organization will benefit from efficient, reliable, and high-quality voice support powered by LLMs, elevating your operations and overall user experience.

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The future: Multimodal enterprise conversational AI

At Moveworks Live, we introduced a next-generation enterprise-wide copilot that’s designed to work with text, images, video, and voice. This Moveworks copilot uses the remarkable reasoning capabilities of large language models to serve as a helpful and reliable advisor for the entire organization. 

Powered by an efficient, custom LLM-based reasoning engine and a versatile integration platform personalized for your enterprise's unique data and processes, our copilot provides an interactive, multi-turn conversation experience, swiftly handling employee requests while pulling key information from multiple systems. 

As this copilot draws on Moveworks' extensive experience assisting millions of employees over the last six years, it scales self-serve resources, using our LLM reasoning engine to dynamically determine which tools best address a user's request. This approach allows for a rapid increase in supported scenarios and complete use of your self-help resources.

Learn how Moveworks’ enterprise copilot allows employees to automate tasks or search for information across all enterprise systems through a single language interface.

Building a future-proof generative AI strategy with Moveworks, OpenAI, and Microsoft

During a thought-provoking panel discussion hosted by Alex Henson, VP of Marketing at Moveworks, notable speakers, including Bhavin Shah, CEO of Moveworks, Srini Raghavan, VP of PM at Microsoft, and Adam Goldberg, Head of Azure OpenAI Enablement at OpenAI, shared their insights on how companies can fully leverage the potential of AI.

The panelists emphasized that the most successful companies would utilize a complimentary suite of AI offerings that, when combined, can transform how their organizations operate. They advised focusing on the specific business problem at hand and selecting a solution or vendor that specializes in resolving it.

The experts agreed that AI will become an integral part of every product, and no single AI vendor can cater to each organization's needs. This forward-thinking panel provided a valuable discussion on the synergy between various AI solutions and how proper integration can drive optimal results within businesses.

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Introducing: The enterprise copilot platform

Eager to uncover more insights from the Moveworks Live event? You're in luck! On-demand recordings will be available starting Monday, May 15th. Don't miss out on learning from industry experts as they share their thoughts on the transformative power of conversational AI.

To get notified about these videos and for even more insightful content, make sure to visit the event landing page and stay tuned. Empower your enterprise with the knowledge of AI's incredible potential by catching every bit of news from Moveworks Live.

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