Introducing generative conversational AI
for every enterprise app 

CEO Welcome: Moveworks Live

Hear Moveworks’ CEO, Bhavin Shah, present our vision to make conversational AI the primary interface between people and systems.


How to craft your copilot strategy

If you’ve used technologies like ChatGPT, GitHub Copilot or Midjourney, then you’ve experienced the magic of copilots. But you’re probably also wondering how this type of experience could be applied across all your enterprise apps and data. We'll give you a framework on how to do just that based on use case, investment level, and technology required. We’ll walk you through the cutting edge techniques required to take dozens of LLMs and pre-train, fine-tune, augment and ground them to create a single conversational experience that can query your data, search your content, update records and more.


Introducing Creator Studio: Generate any conversational AI use case in minutes

See an overview and live demo of Moveworks Creator Studio. A brand new platform that empowers everybody to build a conversational UX for any enterprise app. Leveraging the latest in GPT class models, Creator Studio gets you from idea to a fully deployed solution in minutes without building dialog flow or writing scripts.


Coming Soon: Natural language analytics, knowledge generation, and more

See previews of upcoming product releases that extend the power of LLMs to analytics and content generation. Leverage conversation insights to surface the projects and initiatives your operations teams should prioritize. Then turn those insights into fully produced content to fill knowledge gaps across your org.


The Future: Multimodal enterprise conversational AI

Some people like to write. Others prefer the spoken word. And sometimes, a picture speaks a thousand words. In this session we’ll demonstrate new capabilities we’re building in the Moveworks labs to bring fully multimodal conversational AI to life.

CEO Closing Remarks

Join Bhavin Shah, CEO and co-founder, as he shares his key takeaways from Moveworks Live

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