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Product Launch: Prevent issues before they happen with Moveworks' first API

Varun Singh, VP of Product


Every employee deserves effortless support at work. At Moveworks, we take this statement as fact. It’s why we’ve spent years engineering an extensive network of machine learning models to take complex processes, like IT support and HR service delivery, and automate them end-to-end.

We also know that to deliver a best-in-class employee experience in today's inter-connected world, our platform can’t stop at just solving issues; it has to proactively prevent them from happening in the first place. But trying to predict the future, especially when every company has its own behind-the-scenes challenges, can be maddening — which is where our first API comes in.

Moveworks’ new Message API allows companies to pull critical information from across their support environment so support teams aren’t caught off guard by unexpected issues. Already, customers, including companies like Broadcom and Nutanix have used our API to automatically send targeted messages, critical updates, and actionable requests — stopping their workforce from getting bogged down by preventable problems. 

More to the point, the potential use cases for our API are limited to your imagination. You can automate disk cleanup, remove unauthorized software, reclaim unused devices, backup disks, run surveys, manage approvals, e-sign requests, and send reminders or expense updates — needless to say, the list goes on. For today, I’ll just give you a taste of what’s possible, running through 4 of the most transformative Message API use cases we’ve seen so far:

Reclaim unused software licenses at scale

IT teams manually manage hundreds of applications, but less than half are regularly used by employees. Message API works with systems like Okta, Productiv, Active Directory, and SailPoint to seamlessly pass data to and from each of these many SaaS applications, auto-updating access permissions in seconds.

The result? Companies save millions of dollars on tech that would otherwise just sit unused, without disrupting employees’ workdays.

unused software reclaim Figure 1: Automatically managing software licenses saves your team time and money.

Proactively resolve device issues

Message API keeps employees on task by preventing common hardware issues from spinning out of control. If an employee is running out of disk space or has unauthorized software on their machine, our chatbot acts as a conduit, pulling critical information from tools like Nexthink to alert that user of potential issues. 

On cue, Moveworks’ conversational AI steps in, giving that employee a space to ask follow-up questions, while offering actionable next steps to fix the problem, before anyone has to suffer the consequences of a faulty device.

proactively device Issue Figure 2: Keep employees productive by sending action-oriented messages in response to real-time hardware issues.

Onboard employees in days, not months

Message API eases new hires into everyday life, helping them feel like they're at home within a week, not a month. Integrating with standard tools such as Workday, Okta, Postman, and Zapier, our API takes the pressure off support teams’ by automatically providing new employees with access to all of the apps, accounts, paperwork, and systems they need to start their job right. 

Onboarding with Moveworks means that employees don’t have to figure out company-specific jargon to get to work. All the software, forms, policies, and day one resources they need are already at their fingertips directly in chat.

onboard employees in days chatbox Figure 3: Set the stage for your new hires’ success by giving them everything they need in a single place.

Deliver critical updates automatically

Automate your entire incident workflow with Message API. Detecting issues as they happen with tools like Splunk, Salesforce, and ServiceNow, your bot is empowered to send out comms automatically notifying your workforce of outages, disruptive incidents, and security breaches, and to answer the questions on the tip of your employees’ tongues.

Whether the WiFi’s out or there’s a security breach, it’s critical for your response team to kick into action, your employees to quickly learn workarounds, and stakeholders to know when things will resume. Message API allows you to do deliver messages dynamically, ensuring that everyone has the resources they need to quickly adjust to changing circumstances

prpchat critical updates Figure 4: Prevent long support queues by sending employees timely, interactive comms.

The tech it takes to stop issues in their tracks

We often ask ourselves here at Moveworks: What does it take to get ahead of problems at work? There’s a litany of things happening across a company at any given time. New employees are hired. Old software is retired. New policies are launched. The office WiFi goes out. 

An API is only part of what it takes to manage all this chaos. It also takes everything else that Moveworks can do, from deeply understanding support issues to transforming resources into intelligible solutions.

We’ve found there’s a huge appetite for an API from our customers who want to extend the power of Moveworks, incorporating our conversational AI platform into any system in minutes. Because we don’t expect your support teams to become machine learning experts, we’ll always provide the same fully autonomous support from day one — without training, scripting, or maintenance from you. 

Message API makes Moveworks smarter, allowing teams to create workflows automatically, helping every employee get the information and support they need — before they run into problems.

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