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Hours of employee productivity saved by Moveworks, and counting

In terms of the experience for employees, there’s nothing even close to Moveworks.

It’s the best, period.
Steve Januario, VP of Digital Employee Experience, Palo Alto Networks

The global standard for security

Palo Alto Networks is the global leader in cybersecurity. Headquartered in Santa Clara, California, it develops next-generation firewalls, cloud-native security tools, and other solutions designed to thwart sophisticated cyber-attacks. From November 2020 to November 2021, the company’s market capitalization doubled to reach $50 billion.

This rapid growth has allowed Palo Alto Networks to hire employees around the world. But with a workforce of almost 15,000 people, its help desk had to deliver support on a much larger scale—without dramatically increasing its headcount. That meant finding a more efficient way to address IT issues, HR requests, and policy questions, instead of doing everything by hand. More generally, Palo Alto Networks needed a new approach to supporting productivity from anywhere.


FLEXWORK is the future

That approach is called FLEXWORK: a bold vision for the future of work in the tech industry based on flexibility and choice. FLEXWORK gives employees the power to determine how they collaborate, given their unique circumstances. 

“FLEXWORK recognizes that everyone is different and has different needs—especially now,” Nicole Tate-Pappas, Senior Director of Digital Experience Management at Palo Alto Networks, said. “We’re on a journey to personalize benefits, schedules, and support to give our people flexibility, whether that’s coming into the office or working from home.”

But it takes more than just policy changes to make FLEXWORK possible. That's why the company went looking for a solution to help employees stay productive, connected, and informed, no matter how or where they choose to work.


  • Providing immediate, 24/7 support to a hybrid workforce
  • Allowing the help desk to scale its operations while remaining efficient


  • Able to instantly resolve employee's support issues—anytime and anywhere
  • Supported rapid company growth, without increasing the size of the help desk


Palo Alto Networks' Moveworks powered support-bot Sheldon Sheldon


Interactions with the Moveworks bot


Of employees have used Moveworks


Issues solved per month

Palo Alto Networks' Moveworks powered support-bot Sheldon
Moveworks support-bot provides automated proactive HR support
Sheldon plays a huge role in enabling FLEXWORK. He doesn’t just file tickets—he takes action and solves issues automatically, just by asking in Slack. It’s an experience our people rely on. Nicole Tate-Pappas, Senior Director of Experience Management, Palo Alto Networks

Sheldon delivers support in seconds

In April 2020, Palo Alto Networks deployed its Moveworks bot, better known to the team as Sheldon. Powered by advanced artificial intelligence (AI), Sheldon helps employees through natural conversations, whether they need access to software, got locked out of their account, or have a question about the new FLEXWORK policy. The bot understands each request and then determines the most relevant solutions at the company, all in a matter of seconds.

Today, the bot intercepts employees’ issues wherever they’re submitted: via direct message, in the Slack channel for IT help, through email, and even inside its ServiceNow portal. No matter where they go, Sheldon empowers people to address their own issues.

“Moveworks offers the ability to go anywhere for help—email, Slack, our ServiceNow portal—and still end up in Sheldon’s hands as the first line of support,” said Januario. “It’s letting us get the fastest response, right up front.”

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