Palo Alto Networks saved its hybrid workforce 351,000 hours with AI

Palo Alto Networks used generative AI to support its hybrid workforce at scale — without dramatically increasing its headcount.


Palo Alto Networks is the world leader in cybersecurity. The company has recently experienced record growth, doubling its market capitalization to reach $50 billion in just a year.

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Hours of employee productivity saved by Moveworks


Providing immediate, 24/7 support to a hybrid workforce                    


Instantly resolves employee support issues with AI no matter where employees work, saving everyone time and resources

The Problem

Palo Alto Networks’ employees couldn’t get help anytime and anywhere

Rapid growth allowed Palo Alto Networks to hire employees around the world. But now with a workforce of almost 15,000 people, its help desk had to deliver support on a much larger scale — without dramatically increasing headcount. 

At the same time, Palo Alto Networks launched a program called FLEXWORK with the goal of providing personalized support to each employee — based on their location, role, and unique working habits. Making FLEXWORK possible during such a period of high growth meant finding a more efficient way to address IT issues, HR requests, and policy questions, instead of doing everything by hand. And with an increasing number of hybrid employees, what Palo Alto Networks really needed was a new approach to supporting productivity from anywhere.

The Solution

Moveworks instantly resolves employees’ support issues — with AI

In April 2020, Palo Alto Networks deployed its Moveworks Copilot, better known to the team as Sheldon. Powered by Moveworks' Reasoning Engine, Sheldon helps employees through natural conversations, whether they need access to software, got locked out of their account, or have a question about the new FLEXWORK policy. The Copilot understands each request and then determines the most relevant solutions at the company, all in a matter of seconds. 

Simplicity is the key to enabling self-service, which is why Palo Alto Networks leverages Sheldon to deliver natural, conversational support experience across all channels. Today, the Copilot intercepts employees’ issues wherever they’re submitted: via direct message, in the Slack channel for IT help, through email, and even inside its ServiceNow portal. No matter where they go, Sheldon empowers people to address their own issues.

The one-stop shop approach is why almost every Palo Alto Networks employee has used Sheldon to get support, adding up to thousands of issues automated per month and even more time savings.

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In terms of the experience for employees, there’s nothing even close to Moveworks. It’s the best, period.

Steve Januario

VP of Digital Employee Experience

The Result

Palo Alto Networks saved hundreds of thousands of hours of productivity with AI

Ultimately, Moveworks makes its mark by empowering people to spend their time on meaningful work, not busy work. That’s a difficult challenge in a hybrid workplace, one that requires reimagining the support process to enable flexibility and personalization. Yet Palo Alto Networks has achieved its vision for FLEXWORK by backing up the right policies with the right technologies. And for the help desk, it’s freed up agents to concentrate on high-impact initiatives.

The company’s “handholding” approach couldn’t scale to support a much larger workforce, and the goal for all departments became to help more employees with less resources. After saving 351,000 hours of productivity with Moveworks, and counting, it’s safe to say Palo Alto Networks succeeded.

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