Messages that
inspire action

Moveworks lets you send targeted
employee communications at scale.

Moveworks for Employee Communications

Stop sending emails into the void. Moveworks makes sure employees read your messages and take immediate action — allowing your company to change overnight.

Our AI chatbot lets you reach the right people with the right message. With Moveworks, you can target your comms and track your results, so you get full control over your campaigns.

“Most company comms today are sent in emails. Guess what — no one reads emails! That’s why we’ve shifted our comms strategy to using Moveworks over chat. It’s about making sure our messages go to the right people on the right platform, so they actually get read.”

Amith Nair,
CIO, Vituity


Cut through the noise.

Cut through the noise

Cut through the noise.

Mass emails are noisy. The more you send, the less your employees will actually read them.

Moveworks personalizes messages to cut through the noise. By precisely targeting your comms based on employees’ locations and departments, our bot dramatically increases engagement.

Don’t send an email.

Send an expert.


Don’t send an email.

Send an expert.

Even when employees do read your messages, they’ll inevitably have questions. Moveworks handles all the follow-ups and back-and-forth on your behalf.

How? Our AI is the go-to expert on your company — it’s read all of your knowledge articles, ingested every FAQ, and knows your employee handbook to the letter.

The change you want. Immediately.


The change you want. Immediately.

The days of unactioned messages are over. Our bot gives employees the resources they need to take action — whether it’s filling out a form, resetting a password, or reading the latest travel policy.

No more crossing your fingers, hoping that employees complete your request. With Moveworks, change happens in real time.

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Comprehensive Comms Console
With Moveworks Comms Console, you can launch, monitor, and report on your employee comms campaigns from a single screen.
Craft customized messages
Moveworks allows you to customize messages with emojis, images, links, and action buttons — commanding attention to drive engagement.
Real-time analytics
The campaign doesn’t end when your message is sent. We provide insights on how it performs: who’s seen it, who’s taken action, and who needs a reminder — so you can adjust your strategy.

See Moveworks in action