One copilot for all your workflows

Issue resolution

Prebuilt automation for common issues like password, software, and PTO requests.

More than L1

Our LLMs combine multiple automations to solve complex, multi-step requests.

Unlock automation

Ingest catalog items and workflows to make them fillable through natural language.

Prebuilt automation

Employee support automation

Reset passwords, provision software, request PTO, update profiles, submit timesheets, and more with out-of-the-box integrations to 100+ business systems.


Workflow integrations

Bring your automation investments to life

Conversationalize the automations you've already built in iPaaS and enterprise workflow tools to make them accessible to the workforce.


LLM-powered automation across all your business systems

Prebuilt automation

Out-of-the-box automation for common use cases across ITSM, HRIS, IdAM, email, and other systems.

Catalog sync

Auto-sync catalog items from ticketing systems and make them fillable in the Moveworks Copilot.


Perform CRUD actions on business systems through webhooks.

Complex actions

Our Copilot's reasoning and action engine will automatically combine automations to fully resolve complex requests.


Auto-log actions in ticketing systems for a full audit trail of completed tasks.


Permission management integrates with your IdAM to ensure employees only request actions they are authorized to.


Configure custom approval flows or ingest approval workflows from your existing automation platform.

Status updates

Update employees on tasks that require manual steps, approvals, or take time to complete.


LLM-powered conversation analytics measure impact and identify automation opportunities.

Eliminate repetitive work across every department

Reduce L1 support

Automate password resets, distribution list management, software access, and more.
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Minimize mundane HR tasks

Instantly request PTO, update emergency contacts, change your home address, update pay info, and more.
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Avoid asking Finance

Add funds to POs, submit expense reports, change your 401K election, and more.
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Make selling simple

Update account status, approve discounts, change opportunity owners, and more.
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Create clever marketing

Edit campaign details, change product launch tasks, setup a new design file, and more.
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Innovate faster

Get access to cloud containers, update info for task management, submit engineering specs, and more.
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Nutanix reduced agent wait times in <7 weeks

Nutanix reduced mean time to resolution in less than two months with an AI implementation strategy focused on rapid time to value.

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The generative copilot for work

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Connect to every business application

Integrations for actions feature

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Find files, KBAs, structured data, and more across all your business apps and the public web.
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Knowledge Studio

Create content — such as messages or knowledge articles — grounded in information from across your business applications.
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Service management

File and route tickets to the right agent or assignment group automatically to maximize accuracy.
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