All your workplace notifications in chat

Ticket avoidance

Prevent unnecessary support calls by sending automated alerts through your copilot.

Inspire action

Reduce email clutter with targeted, timely, actionable messages delivered in chat.

One place to look

Make it easy for employees to stay up to date by consolidating notifications in one place.


Send messages that resonate

Personalize every message with unique employee details and automatic translation to 100+ languages.



Consolidate all your notifications in chat

System outages, onboarding messages, deal updates, policy breaches, DevOps alerts, and more — connect to any system with an API.


Your enterprise notification hub

Event API

Set up events from API integrations to trigger one-time, recurring, or dynamic copilot notifications.


Define explicit or dynamic recipient groups for each notification.

Display cards

Design copilot messages to highlight important notification details.


Customize copy based on employee details, such as their name, role, and location.


Embed smart links so employees can respond and trigger workflows directly from the notification.


Track usage and engagement across all your notifcations.

Target critical notifications across every department

Reduce L1 support

Stay updated on ticket updates, WiFi outages, software reclamation, hardware upgrade eligibility, and more.
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Automate HR tasks

Get alerts for PTO requests, manager change approvals, benefit election updates, and more.
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Avoid asking Finance

Get updates on PO approvals, expense report approvals, 401k election updates, and more.
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Make selling simple

Receive notifications for deal updates, forecasting errors, new assets created, and more.
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Create clever marketing

Get alerts on budget approvals, campaign performance updates, changes to inventory levels, and more.
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Innovate faster

Trigger notifications for outages, performance updates, changes to tickets, and more.
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Broadcom reduces L1 tickets with proactive alerts

“That’s hours and hours of productivity and frustration prevented before they happen.” – Stanley Toh, Head of End-User Service & Experience, Broadcom

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Connect to every business application

Integrations for actions feature

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