Robert Half bet on AI to transition to enterprise chat

Robert Half used a copilot to transform Microsoft Teams into an AI-powered virtual workplace, where employees get support in seconds.


Robert Half is a top-ranked recruiting and human resources consulting firm in the United States.

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Increase of Microsoft Teams adoption in 4 months with Moveworks


Encouraging remote employees who haven’t used enterprise messaging tools to adopt a whole new way of working


Used an AI copilot on Microsoft Teams to effectively create a virtual workplace

The Problem

Robert Half embraces an AI-powered workplace in 2020

Working at the top-ranked recruiting firm in the United States, the team at Robert Half is reminded every day that companies succeed when their employees are satisfied and productive. However, with the start of the pandemic, employees were unable to collaborate in person or get troubleshooting help at a physical walk-up bar. Robert Half’s IT team needed to transition the company to a fully digital workplace.

Before transitioning to remote work, most employees at Robert Half relied on conventional communication channels like email. The shift to remote work exacerbated the problems with these channels, since waiting hours or days for a response over email is even more of a drag on productivity when you can’t meet face-to-face.

The Solution

AI makes all roads lead to Microsoft Teams

Robert Half decided to establish their new virtual workplace on Microsoft Teams. Given its tight integrations with our existing collaboration tools, they recognized the potential of Teams to become a unified hub for teamwork. The task,then, became encouraging employees who haven’t used enterprise messaging tools to adopt a whole new way of working.

That’s why in August 2019, Robert Half launched a Moveworks Copilot. This Copilot not only fixes employees’ IT issues instantly, straight to Teams, but it also organically drives new employees to the Teams platform.

Moveworks has accelerated the switch to that virtual workplace by making all roads lead to Teams. No matter where employees ask for IT help or pose questions about company policy, Moveworks intercepts the request and resolves it directly on the Teams platform — gently nudging them toward the most efficient pathway to productivity. And by receiving instant support from the Moveworks Copilot, these employees remember to come back to Teams the next time they need help.

Robert Half Moveworks chat screen

Digital transformation requires more than just new technology. To actually change how people work, we realized we needed to focus on shifting employees’ behavior. That’s where Moveworks has been critical: The AI helps employees interact with the tools that are transforming our company.

Mark Grimse

Vice President, Information Technology

The Result

Microsoft Teams becomes a one-stop shop for instant answers

Just four months into a Moveworks-powered promotion campaign for Microsoft Teams, Robert Half saw a roughly 6X increase in the chat platform’s adoption companywide.

Groups that had once resisted this type of virtual collaboration for years began to engage meaningfully with their colleagues. Adoption of Teams grew exponentially in just a couple months, and the IT team hasn’t broken its stride with the surge in support tickets from increased remote work. It’s safe to say that Robert Half is well on its way to a full-fledged virtual workplace in tune with the needs of the modern employee.

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