Stitch Fix sets the gold standard for employee comms

Ravindra Sunku, Senior Director of IT at Stitch Fix, shares his Moveworks-powered hybrid communication strategy that keeps every stylist on the same page


Stitch Fix is a personal style service with a mission to help men and women look great, save time, and evolve their style.

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Communicating in a way that makes it easy for employees to engage, no matter where they work


IT uses AI to send targeted, actionable communications that inspire employees to act immediately.

The Problem

Stitch Fix needed a hybrid communications strategy that put employee experience first

Stitch Fix has always been focused on building an amazing experience for their employees. But, like many other companies, it faced a major challenge at the beginning of the pandemic: How could IT continue to provide the same, seamless service with everyone suddenly working from home? 

One of the biggest challenges was communication. Conventional mass communication, like emails, are often ignored when change needs to happen. If employees aren’t prepared for software migrations, security updates, and policy changes, thousands of predictable issues flood support teams’ queues. Addressing these ad hoc requests from more than 10K employees with just 12 IT agents was simply impossible.

The Solution

Hybrid communication at scale with the Moveworks Copilot

Moveworks for Employee Communications allowed Stitch Fix to craft targeted, actionable messages that cut through the noise via their Copilot, Astra. 

By precisely targeting comms based on employees’ locations and departments, our Copilot dramatically increases engagement. Moveworks also has built-in and customizable proactive notifications to prevent account lockouts and expiring passwords from getting in the way of employees. Messages sent via the Moveworks Copilot prevent delays by allowing employees to take action directly from chat and ask follow-up questions.

Stitch Fix with Moveworks chat screen

With natural language understanding, Moveworks can point every employee to the right solution, whether that’s an account unlock or a knowledge base article. People are used to self-service, and Moveworks’ AI makes it possible for everyone to solve their own issues.

Ravindra Sunku

Senior Director of IT, Stitch Fix

The Result

With a hybrid communications strategy, Stitch Fix has unprecedented visibility into employee engagement

There’s always been a way to communicate with employees — whether by mass email or all-hands meetings. But frequently, internal messaging is an afterthought. Using email to jumpstart change across an entire company, especially with employees working from anywhere, it’s just assumed that any big transition can take years or never happen at all. 

With Moveworks, Stitch Fix’s campaigns don’t end after a message is sent. Moveworks provides insight into how each update performs: who’s seen it, who’s acted, and who needs a reminder — so IT can adjust its strategy in real-time. Clear engagement analytics and automated follow-up make it possible for Stitch Fix’s IT team to focus on the digital transformation efforts that matter, not the busywork.

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