Blog / April 06, 2020

Bhavin Shah on SaaStr: Lessons from the front lines of a new economy

Bhavin Shah, CEO and Founder

It turns out that running an AI company is a great way to stay busy while stuck at home. 

Whether I’m speaking with IT teams on the front lines of supporting their remote employees, or video conferencing with my own colleagues to help those IT teams do more with less, it’s not often I have time to simply reflect on the whirlwind of a journey that led us to this point.

That’s why it was such a pleasure to chat with my friend Harry Stebbings on his SaaStr podcast. On today’s episode, we dive deep into that journey at Moveworks, from our founding as an industry disruptor four short years ago, to becoming an industry leader on the strength of my 150 fellow Movesters.

Of course, Harry and I spent much of the conversation discussing the road ahead — not only for Moveworks but also for the entire work-from-home economy that has taken shape overnight. Here are just a few of the thought-provoking topics we covered:

  • How CIOs are providing real-time IT support and resolution for remote employees
  • Which technologies are enabling the workforce to stay productive — anytime, anywhere
  • What the new era of enterprise SaaS means for vendors and customers alike
  • Why “going SaaS with AI” produces a network effect that drives better results

Check out the full episode.

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