Boosting Productivity & Employee Satisfaction: Webflow’s IT Experience AI & Automation Success

Duration: 50 minutes

Webflow, a leading web development platform, is raising the bar on employee support. The IT team's mission: Provide the best support experience to everyone at Webflow, and reduce shallow work to elevate experience and productivity.

At Webflow, AI is a team sport, and so at this session you'll hear from a group of champions who were the driving force behind Webflow's IT Experience engine, and the visionaries who championed AI innovation for support.

Watch the webinar to:

  • Learn how Webflow transitioned from a traditional managed services provider model to an AI-driven approach

  • Understand why Webflow made employee experience the “North Star” for their entire support model

  • Discover the pivotal role Moveworks' AI Copilot played in scaling operations seamlessly

  • Explore Webflow's unique challenges and the metrics used to measure AI success

Don’t miss this opportunity to gain practical advice on deploying AI solutions and fostering rapid adoption. Watch now!



Thomas Caliwagan

Senior Manager of IT Experience at Webflow


Casey Carlton

Head of IT at Webflow