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The best onboarding keeps new hires engaged

Meet new hires on their terms.

Moveworks helps your users across every channel to guarantee consistent, personalized, and secure support. Employees always get relevant, accurate solutions no matter how they choose to ask for help.

Onboard new hires at scale.

Moveworks can automatically answer the hundreds of questions that come up in the first months of work — without involving support teams. This immediate help encourages employees to start using the bot from day one.

Improve onboarding with actionable data.

Moveworks Performance Insights Dashboards provide real time data to quickly identify onboarding gaps. When you know what employees are asking for in their first week, you have what you need to better address new hires’ need to be productive.


Employee adoption of Moveworks AI at DocuSign


Employee interactions with Moveworks’ bot at Palo Alto Networks


Employee satisfaction with Moveworks at Unity

Engage new hires proactively with AI

A new hire has a million things to do: enrolling in benefits, requesting the right hardware, and figuring out the VPN. Send a targeted onboarding checklist with Moveworks for Employee Communications to make your new hires feel welcome and prepared to do the best work of their careers.

Give your people the access they need — on day one

With Moveworks, new hires get the information they need in seconds — all they have to do is ask. Even when employees have sensitive questions for HR, Moveworks routes them to the right specialist automatically, ensuring that everyone gets solutions as quickly as possible.

Customize onboarding across locations and languages

The best onboarding is personalized. But even for the most diligent HR professional,  it’s a challenge  to support new hires working in different time zones, speaking different languages, and living in different countries. Moveworks provides a customized onboarding experience with AI that knows every employee’s title, department, function, preferences, and seniority.

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“The bot is absolutely essential. New employees have to be productive in their first week and fast onboarding is the key. That’s what Moveworks gives us.”

Russ Harris

VP Operations, AppDynamics

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