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How Procore constructed an effortless employee experience with AI



Employee satisfaction with the Moveworks bot

Procore is in the business of construction—not building the best AI chatbot in the world. That’s why we use Moveworks. Steve LeBoeuf, Senior Director of IT, Procore

Entire construction projects—under one roof

Founded in 2002, Procore has completely transformed the construction industry. The Southern California-based company creates a single platform that brings together all the right people and information, ensuring that major construction projects get finished safely, on time, and within budget.

To meet the high expectations of an increasing number of digital-native employees, Senior Director of IT Steve LeBoeuf realized the company needed to radically simplify the support process:

“Our job is to support all of our employees—without adding 500 new IT support agents,” LeBoeuf said. “Step one is to set up a single place where employees know they can get immediate help, and Moveworks has been instrumental in getting us there.”


  • Supporting young, digital-native employees who expect immediate help
  • Reducing the service desk’s workload without increasing headcount


  • Provided instant, automated IT support to 81% of employees
  • Freed up service desk agents to focus on higher-impact projects


Procore's Moveworks powered support-bot Bolt Bolt

Moveworks support-bot provides automated password support


Employee satisfaction with the Moveworks bot


Of Procore employees have interacted with the bot

Procore's Moveworks powered support-bot Bolt

Bolt supercharges support for employees

In June 2020, Procore launched its Moveworks bot, known internally as Bolt. An AI chatbot that lives on Slack, Bolt provides one extremely simple place for employees to get help, whether they’re locked out of their account, need access to software, or want to edit an email group.

Even when employees don’t submit their tech issues to Bolt, the bot intercepts their requests and jumps in when it can help—automatically handling emails and forms sent to the IT team. Procore had a vision of transforming Slack into a one-stop shop for support, and Bolt made that vision a reality.

“Bolt comes in clutch,” said Jenn Doblado, a Service Desk Specialist at Procore. “Employees know that they can get quick answers with Moveworks, which means I spend less time troubleshooting. The team is ready to send everyone to Bolt.”

Breaking ground on the future of support

By introducing a single jumping-off point for IT help, Moveworks has transformed Procore’s support process for good. And LeBoeuf’s team is continually inspired to automate new processes and offload more work to the bot.

“My team is always excited to increase Bolt’s impact, whether that means adding new capabilities to the bot or creating content behind the scenes,” commented LeBoeuf. “They see an opportunity to work on more challenging transformation projects and develop their own skills, with the bot handling the day-to-day issues automatically.”

LeBoeuf and his team look forward to seeing Bolt deployed in new ways to help other department service desks, like HR or facilities management. It’s this collaborative relationship between employees and technology that, for LeBoeuf, will propel Procore to new heights:

“Agents and AI working together—that’s the future.”

Bolt is spot-on. It spits out the exact articles I would have sent. There’s a definite wow factor. Jenn Doblado, Service Desk Provider, Procore

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