Slack automates IT support to achieve its vision of friction-free business

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“Slack is already where employees spend most of their time, whether they’re sharing updates, accessing resources, or just talking to each other. IT support shouldn’t be any different— that’s where Moveworks comes in.”

Stephen Franchetti, VP of Business Technology, Slack

IT issues resolved instantly


software access requests fulfilled in seconds

Friction-free IT

The average IT issue spends five hours sitting in a queue before it’s reviewed for the first time, to say nothing of the three days that elapse before it’s finally resolved. Stephen Franchetti, Slack’s Vice President of Business Technology, saw that slow IT support could stall a fast-paced digital business, and he knew that old-school channels like email were not the way forward. Rather, truly modern IT support would have to be interactive, intuitive, and instant. In other words, the entire process would have to take place straight on Slack itself.

A new way to work

Having explored a variety of IT support solutions, Slack rolled out Moveworks in March 2019 and never looked back. Known to the company’s employees as AskBot, the bot leverages advanced natural language understanding (NLU) to determine the right resolution to an employee’s request.

Today, AskBot is resolving 30% of all IT issues at Slack, instantly and automatically. And as Slack’s IT team implements more Moveworks skills, the company’s employees are self-servicing even more of their tech problems.

If your initial interaction with an automated tool feels unnatural, you lose people pretty quickly. With machine learning, AskBot is able to improve over time, which allows it to learn how our business works, understand our local lingo, and engage with us in natural conversation.

Stephen Franchetti, VP of Business Technology, Slack

Empowering remote employees to self-service

Slack had to provide its remote workforce with white-glove IT support to ensure its employees could stay productive while working from home (WFH). AskBot served as a force multiplier for Slack’s IT team as both the number and the urgency of employees’ support issues increased. The bot handles everything from provisioning and troubleshooting software, to answering questions about sick policy and business continuity plans, to looking up colleagues’ locations and phone numbers.

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